20 Ways to do Online Data Entry Jobs


If you are looking for online data entry jobs, then here are the list of 20 ways to do Online Data Entry Jobs.  You can read it and find the job that best suits you.

Following are the 20 ways for Data Entry Jobs

  • 1. Captcha Entry Jobs
  • 2. Survey Forms
  • 3. Form Filling Jobs
  • 4. Micro Jobs
  • 5. Copy and Paste projects
  • 6. Image to Text
  • 7. Medical Transcriptions
  • 8. Formatting
  • 9. Basic Typing Jobs
  • 10. Medical Coding
  • 11. Payroll Data Entry Operator
  • 12. Audio to Text Data Entry Jobs
  • 13. Email Processing
  • 14. Proofreading and Copywriting
  • 15. Data Entry Clerks
  • 16. Content writing jobs
  • 17. Entering Data into Web Based System
  • 18. Video to Text Typing
  • 19. Captioning
  • 20. Virtual Assistant

1. Captcha Entry Jobs

From online data entry jobs, Captcha Entry is the best job which you can try.  Earning from Captcha Entry is not in big amount but it is really an easy and simple data entry job.

It is a test of human verification to enter some alphabets, numbers or characters. It is set to prevent sites from automatic robots or softwares to enter into the site.

Some companies need to sign up on thousands of websites on the  internet.  An automatic software can be made to sign up these websites, but no technology can solve Captchas except humans.

There are many websites who offer online Captch Data Entry jobs, but some sites offer and pay genuinely.

Websites for Captcha Entry Jobs
1. Captcha Hub
2. 2 Captcha

2. Survey Forms

When I was in university, there were many students who came to us and request us to fill the survey forms. It was quite boring for me. But now those students are replaced by computers. Now all the companies whether small or large conduct survey online.

Online surveys are kind of a reward for both companies and consumers. Whenever a new product is launched in the market, it needs to improve again and again. For this purpose, companies conduct surveys of their customers or common people.

Many multinational companies are spending billions of dollars on researching about new products.  You can find survey forms on these websites.

Websites for Survey Forms Jobs
1. ClixSense
2. NeoBux
3. SwagBux
4. InboxDollars

3. Form Filling Jobs

If you want to do data entry jobs from home than From filling is the best option for you. This job is available online and you can start this job without investment.  You just need a strong will power, time , confidence and a positive attitude. You will be expert in form filling if you will read more ads written by others. 

You don’t  just need good typing speed,  but creativity is more important. You have to fill forms according to the given information, but sometimes you need to search information by yourself.  You can find jobs of form filling on this website

Websites for Form Filling Job
1. Fiverr

4. Micro Jobs

It is one of the most recommended online data entry jobs. You can do different types of data entry tasks and be a micro worker. There are different websites available who offer you this kind of jobs.  You can join these different sites and earn money. Micro jobs are available on crowdsourcing websites.

Crowdsourcing is the best way to earn money by doing simple task. For Example:

  1. Like a page on social sites
  2. To find contact details from some websites
  3. To search similar websites
  4. To give reviews on some websites
  5. To give ratings on some websites
  6. Writing short articles
  7. Find an  image based on a given keyword

Websites for Micro Job
1. mTurk
2. ShortTask
3. Click Worker
4. Design Hill

5. Copy and Paste projects

In copy and paste projects, you have to copy text from MS word or excel file and paste it on another MS word or excel file. It seems an easy job, but you have to be very careful about characters, spellings and numbers. Reading and understanding of English are needed.  The advantage in this job is that you don’t have to search data for this.  The Data are  already given and you just have to copy and paste it.

Copy and Paste projects are available both online and offline.  If the project is offline then you just have to copy and paste in a  word document and can save it in your computer and then after completing it you can email it to the company.

Websites for Copy And Paste Projects
1. Craigslist

6. Image to Text

In this type of data entry job, you have to convert the image into the text. You will be given a file containing some images. These images contain text material and you have to type this text material into MS word document. In simpler terms, you just have to split your computer screen into two parts. After splitting, contain image on the top and open MS word Document under the image. Then simply look the image and type the text. You have to be careful when typing.

To look for this kind of data entry job is difficult because mostly there are scammers and companies demanding  money. But the most trustworthy sources to do this job is to create a gig on Fiverr and you will find projects.

Websites for Image to Text
1. Create Gig on Fiverr

7. Medical Transcriptions

In medical field a century ago, instructions were given verbally by medical practitioners to their staff like nurses, compounders, paramedics, secretaries, receptionists and so on. The staff took notes of it.  These observations, instructions and list of medicines were then stored in a file. When the need arose, it would be difficult for staff to search some specific instructions and medication from the bunch of papers. For this purpose, now these instructions and medications are converted into a single readable document. This is called medical transcriptions.

To convert these paper work into digital form, hospitals need freelancers and online medical transcriptionists.  So this has now become the source of income worldwide.

8. Formatting

Formatting is to give a presentable shape to your essay, blog or article.  In simpler terms, formatting means layout.  To do formatting is not an easy task. Your knowledge should be upgraded to do formatting in MS word like indentation, aligning, capitalization, bullets, font size, footnotes,  header, footer and many more.  Formatting is important because it makes your essay or content more readable. To do formatting, you have to learn the use of tools in the  MS word documents.  You can find the formatting work online at following sites.

Websites for Formatting
1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. PeoplePerHour

9. Basic Typing Jobs

It is the basic and simple typing job which everyone can do easily. In basic typing jobs, you have to type some data in an Excel spreadsheet or MS word documents. In basic typing jobs, your typing speed should be 40 plus words per minute.

You do not need any special skill for this typing job. If your typing speed is slow then you can practice and enhance your typing speed by different softwares like typing master.  Typing jobs are easy to do and it is simple, but it is difficult to find real jobs on internet. You can earn decent money by typing at home, but only if you find a real job.

Websites for Typing Jobs
1. mTurk
2. Click Worker
3. Design Hill

10. Medical Coding

In medical coding, you have to write alphanumeric codes of various types of medicines, equipments, procedures and health care diagnosis. This field requires some skills and experience and you have to be very careful while entering code. These codes help to keep records of medication. This kind of jobs are difficult to find but income is high in this job.

Websites for Medical Coding
1. Aviacode
2. ChangeHealthCare
3. Coniferhealth

11. Payroll Data Entry Operator

The job of payroll data entry operator is to create a list of different companies. In the list, you have to maintain records of the company’s employees. You have to maintain the complete data of employees, including their names,  designation, address, salary, loan deductions, allowances and many more. You have to maintain all the data in an MS Excel spreadsheet. 

For this job, you need the basic knowledge of creating Excel spreadsheets. You also need mathematical skills to maintain records of salary, deductions and bonuses. 

Websites for Payroll Data Entry Operator
1. Freelancer
2. Indeed
3. RecruiterBox

12. Audio to Text Data Entry Jobs

This job includes audio recordings to convert it into text form.  You will provide some audio clips to convert it into MS word document. This is advanced level typing jobs and your listening skills should be good. Also,  your knowledge of the English language must be good so that you can understand the audio well and then write it in MS word document. 

Your spellings should be up to the mark so that you can provide the refined and error free text to the company. First, you should go for image to text data entry and after gaining experience in that field, try this audio to text data entry.

Websites for Audio to Text Data Entry Jobs
1. Freelancer
2. Fiverr
3. Transcriberme

13. Email Processing

On email processing job, you have to read emails and find out what the content is about in this email.  This job is very interesting and exciting. You do not get bored in this job because you read thousands of emails and on different topics. Sometimes this job requires to read and process thousands of emails  daily. Also, it is a highly paid job.

Sometimes, you have to send emails to different companies or people in order to promote something. Sometimes, you just have to make a list of these email addresses.  It depends on the nature of job or company’s instructions.  

Websites for Email Processing
1. Freelancer
2. Fiverr

14. Proofreading and Copywriting

Proofreading and copywriting is also considered a data entry job but it is a little bit different from simple data entry jobs. You do not need a good typing speed to do proof reading. You need an extraordinary command of the English language. Proof reading job is considered among the highest paid jobs. Copywriting jobs include writing about the ads.

Here you need a creative mind to write engaging content to attract customers. In proofreading job, you need to check spellings, grammatical mistakes, punctuations and irony as well. You will find hundreds of jobs at www.fiverr.com and www.upwork.com . There are projects ranging $10 to $300. Writers need to proofread their book before publishing.

15. Data Entry Clerks

The job of data entry clerks is similar to data entry operator.  Data Entry Clerk maintains the complete record of the office or company. He has to arrange files on the  computer, enter data in relevant file and keep updating the data. The examples of data entry clerk responsibilities are to maintain data in hospitals and municipalities.

In hospitals, data entry clerk maintains the record of patients, death records, birth records, accident reports,  etc.  In municipal corporation offices, you have to maintain the record of the  number of births, number of deaths, legal documents,town records and number of children.

Websites for Data Entry Clerks
1. Fiverr
2. Upwork

16. Content writing jobs

It is a data entry job but in this kind of job you have to create the content by yourself and then type it into MS word documents. This job is suitable only for those who can write content. Creativity is the key to be successful in this field. Your mind should have written such a creative and engaging content that grabs the attention of readers.

Your English language and literature knowledge is required in this field. If you are a good writer then you can earn as much as you can in this field.

17. Entering Data into Web Based System

In this type of data entry job, you enter the data directly in the  websites. You have to read documents and then enter the data into word or excel spreadsheets. Sometimes, the company can ask  collect automobile registration number, the  name of the owner , contact details of the owner including contact number, home address.

Some insurance companies hire for data entry work to maintain records of the insurers. Similarly, property dealers also hire someone to collect data about houses in specific areas including information like owner name, address, rent or price of the house.

18. Video to Text Typing

This type of work requires the skills of listening  and watching. You are given video clips to watch and listen and then write the conversation in the MS word document. Your writing skills and English should be up to the mark so that you can understand and write the text.

Sometimes, Magazines and newspaper publishers need the interview of the famous personality to publish in their magazines. They provide you a  video clip of that personality’s interview and you have to convert it into text form.

19. Captioning

This job is offered by the media  industry. In captioning job, you have to write heading and eye catching captions for news headlines or  images. Sometimes, captioning also needed in social media marketing  to attract viewers. Captioning is basically a text version of speech or some other sounds.

Captioning are required on television, online videos, DVDs and at cinemas and theaters.  Captioning can mostly be seen on the bottom of the video to translate video into another language.

20. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is also known as an office  assistant.  It is basically a  self employed job and in this job you have to provide professional administrative and technical assistance  to your client from a home office. Virtual assistants are not employees and they are independent contractors. You have to be skilled to do a  job in this field.

You must have experience of administration to make a career in this field. If you are good at administration, then it could be a long lasting contract base job which you can manage from home and you can earn as much as you can.

So these are the 20 ways that will help you to decide what type of job will suitable for you. If you like this article then rate this article and give your suggestions in the comment box.

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