40+ Med School Interview Questions

medical school interview questions

Going into a med school is a dream for many students all over the globe but to fulfill this dream, the students have to go through a tough procedure including conceptual written tests and interviews. Now being able to give good interviews is a skill itself. You have to prepare yourself to handle the stress and anxiety beforehand to be able to ace that interview. And before going for a med school interview no matter how much you are prepared, your preparation level will be high above the bar if you would have at least fancied a little about common medical school interview questions.

List of Med School Interview Questions

1. Why do you want to be a doctor?

This is the most common question that you are likely to be asked in you interview. However, this is a general question that many people will ask you otherwise. So, particularly for this question you should be honest and concise. You can say that:

  • You first became interested in medicine for your own health and then came the passion for helping humanity
  • You can state your qualities that make you a good doctor.
  • You can state a story that inspired you to become a doctor.

2. What makes a good doctor?

You should be clear and concise in your answer while describing some attributes like:

  • Passion and dedication towards helping people
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Caring and helping nature
  • Ability to find the solution of a problem by utilizing previous knowledge

3. What quality do you think makes a good doctor?

There can be different answers for this question and none of them is wrong. For example, you could say that his ability to solve the problems by adopting a specific solution or you could say his compassion for helping humanity etc.

4. What qualities of yours will help you in becoming a good doctor?

Your answer for this question should be concise, specific and clear. You could state some properties of yours which differentiate you from other people and what skills you can offer to other people for helping them.

5. What do you think are the pros and cons about being a doctor?

The answer to this question should be well researched and well explained. You could state some factors which you will enjoy becoming a doctor and some challenges which you think might come in your way while practicing as a doctor.

You could also state positive factors like job satisfaction and learning of new skills.

6. How do plan to balance your hobbies and interests with your college degree?

You could say that in order to avoid robotic lifestyle we all need some hobbies in our life. But the real challenge is to create a balance between your work life and your hobbies. The hobbies if perused to an extent can not only brighten your mood but also help you focus better in your work life.

7. How do you manage stress?

Try to answer this question positively. Try to explain some of the techniques that you have learnt in your previous life which helped you a lot in your high school years for coping stress. You can also say that in stress you try to calm your nerves and try to think rationally as much as you can.

8. What responsibilities do you think you have?

In the answer for this question, try to mention the previous responsibilities that you had in you high school like sports captains, class prefects etc. Also think about your life and try to mention some responsibilities that you think you have right now like as a citizen or son or brother or daughter etc.

9. What qualities of yours would rate as best and what qualities of yours would you rate as worst?

Try to answer this question honesty and stick to the fact that you are answering this question for med school interview. So, it should revolve around the context of becoming a doctor. Also, avoid saying that you don’t have bad qualities which is an ideal case scenario. Try to mention your best quality which also coincides with the qualities for becoming a good doctor.

10. What do you think will be your greatest challenge during the time of your med school degree?

Try to think about all the challenges that you think you would face during you med school years like financial independence, increasing responsibilities, study pressure etc.

11. What do you think you would do if you are not accepted in a med school?

There is a possibility that you might not get selected for a med school due to its high merit or some other reason, so you must have a backup plan.

Try to mention some medical related fields like biomedical engineering, dentistry etc as your back up professions. Also, you could take a gap year to work on your deficiencies.

12. Do you read any medical related books or publications?

In the answer to this question they are not expecting you to read high-end medical journals and complex medical research works. However, you can mention that you study the healthcare section of different newspapers and different healthcare magazines like psychology today, red etc.

13. Tell me about any medical discoveries or advances that you have heard recently?

For this question the preparation is necessary so you must have a knowledge of the recent medicine discoveries, researches and advances. You must have enough knowledge of them that you can mention them honestly.

14. Tell me the difference between primary and secondary care?

Primary healthcare is given by General physicians and doctors for general check-ups while secondary healthcare is given by experts in hospitals for life endangering diseases.

15. What do you think makes a good team?

A good team is the one in which there exists a mutual understanding and trust. A good team teams exhibits a great level of team work and it is their biggest strength. Use some example to reinforce your answer.

16. How are you able to work in different teams?

Thorough out my high school years I have worked in several teams and working in different teams I feel confident and we all try to cooperate for the achievement of our mutual goals.

17. What lessons have you learned from your previous work experiences/community work?

Try to mention those skills which are also useful in medical profession and think about all those challenging times when you had to find a solution to be successful.

18. What did you do in you gap year? (if any)

Whatever it was tell them and try to make it sound more fruitful and do not mention those times when you were not doing anything productive.

19. What are your views about abortion/euthanasia etc?

Try to answer this question in a balanced way with rational facts and ethical views. Sometimes in medicine profession your personal views are opposed by the patient’s choice or law.

20. How do you foresee the US healthcare system in the next 20 years?

Try to be optimistic and state the reasons why the US healthcare system is lagging in some areas today. State some suggestions for the betterment of the US healthcare system.

21. If you had one million dollars to spend on one element of US healthcare system. What would it be?

Be creative and imaginative, say that you would try to eliminate threatening diseases like obesity, myocardial infarction etc. Also, you can say that I would make a special device or ventilator which will help in the treatment of diseases.

22. What change in US healthcare would change the health of the entire population?

You must give a justification for each answer. Include statistics in your answer. Or if would like, then do a research on it beforehand.

23. Tell me about one time when you acted unprofessionally.

Lack of professionalism is a big flaw in anyone’s personality, so don’t reveal too much of your weaknesses. You can reveal your weaknesses to little extent so as to leave a lesser bad impression on the interviewer. The example you give should be to the point.

24. Which other med schools have you applied to and why have you applied particularly to those med schools?

They ask you this question to have an idea about your goals, seriousness and dedication etc. For example, if you have only applied to med school of higher ranks then it means that you are

Confident and dedicated. Also, if you haven’t applied to any other school then that’s complete okay but you got to give them a reason for this.

25. Tell me about one time when you and your superior did not come to terms with each other.

In this question narrate an incident when you didn’t get along with your senior but remember do not use harsh terms or say anything bad about him because it leaves an overall bad impression. In the end reach a conclusion with happy ending such that you and your senior agreed to a common point etc.

26. Have you ever done any research project and are you interested in doing research work in medicine?

Now to answer this question, if you have done any kind of research projects then be prepared to talk about it. Be honest about your involvement and contributions as they will eventually get an idea about it by your answers.

27. What makes you better than other applicants so that we choose you over them?

While answering this question try to avoid exaggerating tone which will make you a narcissist. Try to maintain a balance in this way so that you don’t sound egoistic.

28. Why do you think medicine is a rewarding profession?

Tell them about the job satisfaction of medical profession and how helping humanity gives you inner peace. Also, not to sound exaggerating also mention how medical profession is monetarily rewarding.

29. Where you have travelled and what other cultures have you been exposed to?

This is a rather personal question which you can answer concisely. Try to be clear about your travel experiences and lessons which you learnt from these experiences.

30. Do you have any family members who are also doctors?

The questions may be asked to check if your someone in your family inspired you to be a doctor. So, if anyone in your family is your inspiration for entering medical profession, make sure to mention them.

31. What skills have you learnt for time and stress management?’

Being a doctor is a stressful job, so try to mention those hobbies which you usually do in your leisure time. You can mention yoga, exercise, playing sports etc.

32. What excites you about medicine?

Try to answer this question honestly and concisely. You can say that being able to help others is the real motivation for me to come in this profession.

33. Tell me about yourself?

This is a rather general and common question and the interviewers mostly ask this question at the beginning of the interview. You can prepare an intro beforehand to answer it properly

34. Describe any volunteer work that you did.

You should answer this question honestly and tell them about any volunteer work that you did, no matter how small it was.

35. Have you accepted accepted anywhere else?

Its okay if you haven’t been accepted anywhere else, just answer them honestly.

36. What are your specific goals in medicine?

In this question tell them about your goals in the future that whether you want to become a cardiologist or neurologist or open your own medical centre etc.

37. Tell me about a leadership role that you have had in college.

Tell them about any leadership position that you have worked on in college.

38. Who is the most influential person in your life?

This is also another personal question; you can state anyone in your life who you think is work mentioning whether it be your mother or father or someone else.

39. Do you have any questions for us?

They are likely to ask this question at the end of the interview so if you have any queries about them then clear them all at that moment.

40. What is one thing which you like most about our med school.

The answer to this question can also be personal. But if you adopt a logical way to answer this question rather than an emotional one then it’ll be better.

The above-mentioned questions are the most frequently asked med school interview questions. These are declared by former test takers as “The top medical school interview questions”. For medicine interview preparations these are going to prove very helpful. Therefore, whether it be medical interview questions or interview questions of other fields, thinking about the most common interview questions would make you appear more confident during your interview.



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