7 Best Books To Prepare For MCAT

best books for MCAT

MCAT (Medical Colleges Admission test) is a standardized test for admission to medical schools and colleges in various countries of the world. This exam is one of the main hurdles that a student has to overcome in order to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor. According to experts and former test takers, acing MCAT is not a piece of cake as it requires dedication, hard-work, thorough understanding of concepts and the best utilization of your time. So, in order for you to perform your best in the MCAT exam you must be equipped with right tools and material.

Best MCAT Prep Books

Hence for all the aspiring doctors out there, we have prepared a list of one of the best books to prepare for MCAT exam. These books will not only help you to perform well in your MCAT exam but also save your time from reading irrelevant material and unimportant topics.

1. MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2020-21 by Kaplan Test Prep    

Kaplan MCAT 7-Books subject review 2020-2021 would be the first on our list. The publisher “Kaplan Test prep” has been providing books to its students for over 80 years and this book is one of the most recommended books for MCAT prep out there. The comprehensiveness of Kaplan’s books makes them to stand out among other MCAT prep books.

The main features of this study guide include 3D illustrations of different diagrams, different studying techniques, almost 2450 practice questions with each book spanning over 350 practice questions, 3 full length MCAT mock tests and 24 quick sheets.


  • Contains efficient strategies and in-depth discussion of concepts
  • Improved practice questions and full length MCAT papers for better practice.
  • The package includes online access of one year to practice questions, instructional
    videos and quizzes.
  • Learning objectives and concept checks are mentioned to help you focus on most important


  • The overall package is a bit expensive but it comes with seven comprehensive books.
  • The books contain very in-depth study which might not be suitable for some students having a limited time.

2. The Princeton review MCAT Subject Review (complete box set)

Next in the list comes the Princeton review MCAT prep complete set which is another 7-book preparation set for MCAT and is highly recommended especially if you have limited time and you are planning to prepare your MCAT exam in a succinct manner.

         The Princeton test prep is also a prominent brand in the MCAT prep domain which provides authentic books to its customers. The package contains 7 prep books, 3 full length tests which are accessible online and numerous practice questions and MCAT style practice passages.


  • In-Depth discussion of concepts.
  • Three full length practice mock tests.
  • Full colour illustration of diagrams and tables for clear visual representation.
  • Extensive glossaries for easy reference and review.


  • Lesser practice questions than Kaplan test prep
  • There are some editing errors in the book.
  • Psychology portion doesn’t provide visual explanations.

3. MCAT Study Guide 2020-21 and Test questions

This book can act as a lightening spark to light up your journey of MCAT preparations or an initial push to give you an inspiration. It is a concise study guide and is suitable for those who doesn’t have any idea from where to start their MCAT preparations from. This book contains quick overviews and various test taking strategies. The book also contains various practice questions and two full length MCAT exams.


  • The book as a whole delivers information to its readers briefly and concisely.
  • Detailed information on MCAT exam.
  • The answers of practice test questions are given in details.
  • The book is affordable.


  • There are certain typing and editing errors in the book.
  • The book is not enough if you are planning to study concepts deeply for MCAT preparation.

4. Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package

Examkrackers MCAT prep book is also considered among the top MCAT prep books. This book has been written in such a study format that there are mini quizzes and tests at the end of each chapter for your better understanding. These mini tests are actually a little harder for its readers to have better understanding and to enhance their problem-solving skills.


  • Can be easily understood by its readers due to easy language used in the book.
  • Hard tests to equip its readers with better problem-solving skills.
  • Covers multiple books.
  • The book avoids unnecessary information.
  • Contains effective diagrams and illustrations.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • Physics portion book does not have very clear concepts.

5. Sterling Test Prep MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Practice Questions

Sterling test prep book is one the MCAT best seller books which has been used by thousands of the students. This book has a lot of biology and biochemistry practice questions with detailed explanations for the maximum practice of its students. The questions given in this book cover all the topics of MCAT in biology and biochemistry domain.


  • This book is generally good if you want to prepare the portions of biology and biochemistry well.
  • Great for practice
  • Covers more than twelve hundred questions for specific subjects (in this case biology and biochemistry)


  • This book only contains the overview of topics, if you want to learn them thoroughly you would have to consult other books.
  • Some items are left unexplained in the book.

6. MCAT – The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam

One of the reasons for purchasing this book is that it has been written with the association of American Medical Colleges which is the official organization conducting MCAT exam. This book spans on all the topics of the exam along with the principles with which you should attempt the exam and how the marks are scored.

The book contains one hundred and twenty practice questions which are very important because they have been written by official of the organization which actually makes the exam.


  • Guide by the official MCAT exam makers
  • Spans the entire curriculum of the test
  • Good practice questions to solve.


  • Language used in the book is generally hard to read.
  • Lacks in depth when discussing topics
  • The readers would eventually have to consult other books for in-depth discussions.

7. Baron’s MCAT

Last but bot the least is the Baron’s guide for MCAT exam in which they not only give useful reviews but also provide plenty of practice questions. This book provides you strategic step by step execution plan for you to ace your MCAT exam.



  • The book is affordable
  • Concise and to the point
  • Comes with study plans
  • Include online tests and passages


  • There are some irrelevant questions
  • There are some typing errors in the book.

Final Thoughts

                 Therefore, in order to score best in the MCAT exam, it is important for you to have the right material. Therefore, all the books mentioned above can be considered when preparing for MCAT exam because they are chosen among dozens of books available in the market. Also, if you want to prepare thoroughly, it is always good to consult more than one book for MCAT. Out of all the books mentioned above I would strongly suggest Kaplan’s book for the preparation due to its in-depth discussions, broad topics and plenty of practice questions.



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