8 Best GRE Prep Books


GRE (Graduate record examinations) is a standardized test which is required for admission to many grad schools in the United States and Canada. The test was established in 1936 and every year thousands of graduating high school students give this test.

GRE is not an easy test and requires proper preparation. So following books are one of the best GRE study books which have been stated by former test takers and experts as “Best GRE study materials or Best GRE prep materials”.

1. Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 2020

Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus is among the top selling books in the market for GRE preparation. The Kaplan test prep are one of the oldest and most authentic publishers for test prep books. The book not only contains a detailed explanation of each section of the exam but also plenty of practice questions for the maximum preparation of the students. 

The book also contains three full length practice mock tests as well a 500-question online quiz bank. The book overall contains around 2200 practice questions with in-depth discussions of their answers. The practice tests given in the book not only enhance your overall practice but also are very important for the self-evaluation of your preparation.


  • Overall a thorough and comprehensive book for GRE preparation.
  • Great to ensure your maximum practice for the exam.
  • The book provides very in-depth discussion of the concepts.
  • The book also provides access to various online videos and material.


  • The Mathematical questions given in the book are somewhat lesser difficult and their difficulty do not match the difficulty of the test.
  • The book lacks complexity in Maths portion, which is the heart of GRE test.

2. Manhattan Prep GRE Set of eight Strategy guides

The above-mentioned GRE preparation package consists of eight study guides for the preparation of the exam. The overall package provides you thorough and comprehensive material for the preparation of the test.

The practice problems given in the book are arranged according to their difficulty level as easy, medium and hard. If you aim is to do the preparation of the test in a thorough and detailed manner then this study package might be the best for you.


  • These prep books are very comprehensive and detailed.
  • The answers given for practice problems in the book are very detailed and comprehensive.
  • Total six among the above mentioned eight books are about quantitative portion and the other two books are about verbal portion of the test.
  • The book also provide you access to the online study content.


  • The overall package is a bit overpriced and expensive.
  • These are not suitable for the users who want to do a to the point preparation of the test due to short time.

3. Official GRE Super power pack

Official GRE Super power pack is also among the top GRE prep books. One factor which gives this book an edge in the market is that they are written by a publisher named ETS which is also the official maker of GRE test. The questions given in the book are therefore the true representation of the questions which come in the official GRE test.

The book comes with four full length practice mock tests which raise your practice level to the top. The explanations of the practice problems given in the book are also very detailed and thorough.


  • The books have been written by the official test makers of GRE test.
  • Difficulty level of questions given in the book is up to the mark.
  • Generally, a great book for the practice of GRE test.
  • The answers are given with in-depth discussions.


  • These prep books are very good for the preparation of the test but not generally for learning.
  • The Kindle version of the book has some editing and formatting errors.

4. GRE Prep by Magoosh

The above-mentioned book is best for those students who want to review all the topics deeply as it is written in such a way which helps you to easily understand the topics. The book provides more than 130 practice questions which are designed specially by GRE experts. There is also a full-length practice test with its answer key in the book. One additional chapter in the book is aimed for your extra preparation of verbal skills.


  • The book provides expert questions from expert of GRE test.
  • The book has been written in a well-organized form and it is easy to understand.
  • It provides you plenty of tips and strategies for attempting the test.


  • No online study material or content comes in package with the book.
  • The number of practice questions given in the book are not enough to ensure maximum practice for the test.

5. Manhattan’s 5lb GRE Prep Book

The above-mentioned book is yet another comprehensive and detailed book for the preparation of GRE exam. The explanations of answers are also given thoroughly in the book but if you are looking for a book that offers you solid practice for the test then this might not be the one which you are looking for. The quantitative section in the book has been adequately focused by the writers.


  • The book is generally great for quantitative section.
  • The book also provides you with various test attempting tips and strategies.
  • A comprehensive and thorough book for GRE Preparation.


  • The exercises given in the book are not up to the mark.
  • The quality of sentence completion exercises in the book is not very good.

6. The Princeton’s Review Cracking the GRE

The Princeton’s Review cracking the GRE is also among the best books for GRE Preparation. The book includes six full lengths practice mock tests to ensure that no section of the exam is left unpracticed when you are the sitting there for the original exam.

The book also teaches you various tips and tactics for attempting the test. This is the only book having step by step solving guides for each question, for the better understanding of its students. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the book covers almost everything that you need to know for acing your GRE exam.


  • Numerous practice problems and tests are included in the book.
  • The book also provides you access to the online study content.
  • Extensive vocabulary list proves to be very helpful for the students.


  • The portion of reading comprehension in the book is not very good.
  • The Maths portion also lags in some areas.

7. 500 Essential Words: GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

The above-mentioned book is not a thorough book for the preparation of GRE as it only covers the vocabulary portion but it is an effective book for the preparation of English vocabulary for GRE. By studying this book, you are guaranteed to pass the vocabulary portion of the test with flying colours.


  • All the essential vocabulary words that you need to know for the preparation of GRE vocabulary portion.
  • All the details about the words have been given at the back of every card.
  • It comes with a durable box too.


  • The study material just covers one portion of the test.
  • Some of the words may seem too easy to the person who happens to have some advanced vocabulary.

8. Baron’s GRE Flash Cards

The above study package for GRE prep offers you flash cards which are sufficient for the preparation of verbal and Maths content. The overall packages contain 500 flash cards. But still if you buy these flash cards then you would eventually have to consult other books for the preparation of other portions of the test.


  • The flash cards are concise and very easy to understand.
  • Sufficient for given portions of the test.
  • Come in good packaging


  • Not very thorough or comprehensive
  • Still need to consult other books for advanced preparation.

Final Thoughts

All the books mentioned above are among the list of best books for GRE preparation. But if we choose one book based on the review of experts and students then we can declare “Kaplan’s GRE prep plus” as the best GRE test prep book. If you have plenty of time for the preparation then in my opinion you should consult more than one book. Doing maximum practice is the main key for acing GRE test.



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