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Florida is the home of many colleges and universities, but only some  institutions offer you Medical Degree in Florida. Getting a Medical Degree in Florida in not as easy as you think.  Medical Degree in Florida offers four years schooling after your Bachelor’s degree.Moreover, after four years schooling, you have to complete your house job in order to become an independent physician.

According to the World Report and US News,  the University of Florida, University of Miami and University of South Florida are ranked in top sixty universities for research.  According to the 2016 Physician Workforce Annual Report, most of the clinicians in Florida are over the age of 50. It means that Florida now needs tomorrow’s doctors desperately.

With the growing population in Florida and decreasing number of doctors, Florida seems the best for Medical Degree. You will get more chances of getting job in Florida. Medical is a growing field and jobs aspects are bright in this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salaries of doctors are $200,000.

Here you will find the Best Medical Schools in Florida.

  • 1. The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami
  • 2. University of Florida Health
  • 3. University of South Florida
  • 4. Florida State University
  • 5. Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
  • 6. Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

1. The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami

The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami is founded in 1952 and  is the oldest Medical School in Florida. Among other medical schools, this school receives the most funding from NIH (The National Institute of Health). This university is showing unprecedented growth in the fields of genetics and  genomes. The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami  has also proven its research in the fields of curing diseases like paralysis, eye care, diabetes and cancer.

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The urban location of the university provides students residency and all other facilities in the region. This school has 900 plus students in Medical programs  and there is an option for M.D students to join numerous degree programs. Students can combine their M.D (Doctor of Medicine)  degree with a Ph.D, M.B.A., masters of public health and masters in genomic science and many more.

With the wide variety of degree programs, The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami offers following degree programs.

i) MD/MPH Programs

The purpose of this program is to enable students to graduate physician with the desire to improve people’s health. The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami offers four years MD/MPH programs to study in advance level with innovation and integration in order to train students both for public health and clinical medicine.

ii) M.D/ Ph.D programs

It is a Medical Scientist Training Programs provide the students an extensive training for both biomedical and clinical researchers. The Following programs are offered to students for the Ph.D programs.

  • Human Genetics and Genomes
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Epidemiology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular and Developmental Biology
  • Neuroscience

iii) M.D/M.B.A Program

This business curriculum provides students all the knowledge for their future physicians, including running a private clinic or heading a group practice in health. This program adds an extra year in 4 year degree program.

iv) M.D/ J.D Program

The University of Miami School of Law in partnership with The Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami offers this degree program.  In this program, students are prepared to do job in health sector of law. It prepares future physicians for legal aspects of running a private or group practice. This program adds two year more in your four year degree program.

2. University of Florida Health

University of Florida Health Science Center is located in the heart of north central Florida. This university provides chance to many physicians, veterinarians, dentist and clinical and research scientist to practice for their exemplary experience. College of Medicine is another school as a part of University of Florida Health. Its first batch graduated in 2013.

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This college offers a wide range of educational programs, including medical science program offered at Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences offering Ph.D or n M.S degree and also joint degree programs for both M.D and Ph.D degrees.

Master’s program

This university offers following master’s programs.

i) Biochemistry

This program enables students to get all the necessary skills to get prominent positions in all public and private research centers. The M.S program also provides students all the knowledge required to pass the entry test for Ph.D and other degrees.

ii) Biomedical Information

The main purpose of the Biomedical Bioinformatic program is to train diverse professionals in diverse fields like computer science, health, data science, Bio statistics, analysis, research methodology and engineering. They can choose any certificate option of his own choice.

iii) Gerontology

Every day more than 10,000 baby boomers are  turning 65 every day.  According to the recent study of the  Eldercare Workforce Alliance, the United State is ill-prepared to meet the demands of future workforce because of its aging adult population.

iv) Medical Physics

This program is offered with the joint efforts of the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine. It is the most established programs in the United State.

v) Pharmacology

The master of science with Pharmacology provides students the chance of starting their successful career in the  fields of Pharmaceutics and other government industries. This program is also the best option for those who want to enter into higher degree programs like Medical, Dental, pharmacy  and Veterinary schools or the alternative programs in the Ph.D.

vi) Transnational  Biotechnology

This is interdisciplinary (bio sciences ad business) program. For this program, students will complete a formal internship to get their M.S along with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Ph.D Programs

These Ph.D programs offer students a wide range of research opportunities.

i) M.D –Ph.D Training Program

In this program, scholars are given the  best opportunities to do research in their fields and they are given the  chance to with highly educated, skilled and experienced faculty. They are taught to do work as a team.

Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences gives scholars a predoctoral  educational experience. It trains all the scholars in a wide range of job opportunities in Biomedical Sciences. The Choices are given to students to choose any discipline from seven concentrations.

i) Medical Sciences

In the  medical sciences, there was a concentration on health outcomes and policy. Students are trained to carry on their research on health services, diseases and its prevention.

ii) Medical Sciences. Biomedical Sciences

The program of Medical sciences plus Biomedical Sciences concentrates on giving training in Bio statistics, Health and Sciences, research methodology, engineering and data science and analytics to make students able to find jobs in biomedical and other fields.

ii) Medical Physics

Medical Physics is the oldest program started at the University of Florida Health and this program was started in 1961. This program is offered with the joint efforts of the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine.

The admission in University of Florida College of Medicine is selective and limited.  An applicant who is going to apply for admission should have a minimum 3.0 GPA.  The College also offered a scholarship to those students having excellent leadership skills,  and experienced in practice.

3. University of South Florida

 According to the “Military Time Magazine” , The University of Florida is  the top university in the country for student veterans.  “The Military Time Magazine” announces the University of South Florida as the second best school two times consecutively.

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In 1971, the University South Florida’s  Morsani College of Medicine enrolled its first class. Now a day, nearly 700 students are enrolled in the  Morsani College of Medicine. The location of the school provides all the facilities including clinical and residency to its students.  There are different departments of medicine, including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery and brain repair, Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, Pathology and cell biology, Surgery, Radiology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

MS / Ph.D Admissions

To get admission into the  University of South Florida Morsani college of Medicine, you need a Bachelor’s degree with minimum 3.0 GPA or you need to get at least 50% score on the MCAT or GRE.

4. Florida State University

Florida State University College of Medicine established in 2000. Its main campus is located in on the northeast corner in Tallahassee. Students enrolled in this university due to the facilities available here.  Due to its location students have easy access to every kind of activities like cultural, social and academic events.

During enrollment, students have to spend their first two years of programs in Tallahassee campus. Third and fourth year of their enrollment, students have to move one of the six regional campuses of their own choice. On a regional campus, they have to work with faculty to complete their clerkship and practice family medicine.

The Florida State university has a record of 60,000 applications received for undergraduate program in a year.  The Florida State University Veteran Alliance show its commitment to veteran support and success. This campus provides veteran-centered research in medical, engineering and psychology and also offers scholarships for veterans in different disciplines.

5. Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine is located west of downtown Miami. This college was started in 2009 and it becomes fully accredited in 2013.

This university offers the following programs in the medical field.

i) Doctor of Medicine MD

Students will study 4 years to get Doctor of Medicine degree. This program prepares students for future medical practice or to take admission in any speciality.

ii) Combined Degree of MD and MBA in Healthcare Management

The purpose of this program is to prepare and give understanding to the students about Healthcare Management and to enhance business skills to take important and critical decision in their future career.

iii) PHD In Biomedical Sciences        

This program allows students to do practice in the sciences and medicines and discover and research on health and diseases and get relevant knowledge in their field.

iv) Masters in Physician Assistant Studies  (MPAS)

This program allows students a collaborative practice as Physicians Assistant. Moreover, this program ensures active participation in meetings, seminars, lectureship, conferences, publications and research for journals.

6. Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College is recent LDMC (Liaison Committee On Medical Education) accredited college in the United State. Every year 64 medical students matriculates here.  This college is known for its innovative curriculum. This college was launched in 2010. Its curriculum is known as innovative due to its humanistic, high touch, high tech characteristics.

This college has several degree choices for students. It offers M.D., Ph.D., or joint M.D./Ph.D. Degree. This college has started research on the most challenging diseases like neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, opioid addiction, autoimmune diseases,  HIV/AIDS and healthy aging. The National Institute of Health has continuously funded for research.

This university admits 64 students every year to the first year class and among these 64 students, approximately 16 (25%) students are admitted from the  state.

This university offers Master’s Degree in Biomedical Science. The choice to select a thesis is only by the students. If students will choose a thesis in the  Master’s degree then it will be helpful for the Ph.D. degree.

Ph.D. program allows students to search and prepare a thesis in a  wide variety of Biomedical Science areas like Human Genetics and Genomi, biophysics, immunology, respiratory physiology and breast cancer.

So here we listed the Best Medical Schools In Florida that provide various degree in medical fields.

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