Top 13 Community Colleges In Florida

community colleges in Florida

Florida stays on the top for quality education for the locals as well as for the foreigners. Community colleges serve the need of edification for the local students of Florida.  Florida’s network of colleges and universities empowers students to effortlessly transfer from 2-year community colleges to 4-year universities. Here we are with the top community colleges in Florida in terms of education quality, faculty, extracurricular and tuition rates. So, besides these community colleges you can also find the 14 Private Colleges in Florida.

So the top 13 Community Colleges in Florida are

  • 1. North Florida Community College
  • 2. Eastern Florida State College
  • 3. Palm Beach State College
  • 4. St. Petersburg College
  • 5. Hillsborough Community College
  • 6. Florida Keys Community College
  • 7. Tallahassee Community College
  • 8. Indian River State College
  • 9. Valencia College
  • 10. Chipola College
  • 11. Broward College
  • 12. Florida Gateway College
  • 13. George Stone Technical College

1. North Florida Community College

Location: Madison/FL
Degrees Offered:
Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s.

North Florida community college originally founded in 1957 merged with Suwannee River Junior College in 1960s and was renamed in 1995.The mission statement of NFCC clearly states the supportive and customized environment for the natives.

New entrants are required to meet the college adviser for career counseling and thereby making the registration process less unnerving.

NFCC provides a platform to the students where they get an intimate environment and feel at home. In academic year 2016-17 almost 1,400 students enrolled themselves in NFCC.

On top of low tuition rates, the college provided $23,000 in grants and scholarships. North Florida Community College also has strong bonds to its community as evinced by its Artist Series, which brings arts events to the Madison community.

It’s not only the academics, but rather the inclusive tactic to learning that makes NFCC to be conspicuous.

2. Eastern Florida State College

Location: Melbourne/FL
Degrees Offered:
Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s.

Eastern Florida State College is one of the best colleges in the state of Florida. Eastern Florida State College offers its students approximately 100 degrees and other curricula. Hence this gives the students a lot of options and allows them to change their area of study.

After completing an A.A. degree people beholding to truly make their college experience inimitable can apply to the competitive Honors Program and even transfer into UCF’s Honors College. The Eastern Florida State College demeanor workshops and seminars along with the regular classes.

Eastern Florida State has four precincts across Brevard County. Expedient, easy to access education is right at your fingertips.

3. Palm Beach State College

Location: Lake Worth
Degrees Offered:
Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, Diplomas.
Tuition rate per credit hour: $101

The motto at Palm Beach State College appears to be “affordable excellence” with low tuition rate of $101 per college credit hour. With small classes and big extracurricular opportunities, the school offers 130+ academic programs. The average classroom size is 24 and has more than 75 student organizations. One example of the way Palm Beach State stands above all in nurturing community driven success is the college’s unique First Year Experience program.

Talk about its tuition rates, its famous for the lowest in the state of Florida and the 15th lowest in the nation among four years public schools.

4. St. Petersburg College

Location: St. Petersburg
Degrees Offered:
Associate, Bachelor’s.

St. Petersburg emphases on providing its students with the obligatory gears to get practical success.

Via industry certifications, internships, proficient career and academic gurus, St. Petersburg graduates will be connecting students’ instructive expeditions with their envisioned career outcomes. To get the skills students need to meet the requirements of today’s employers, “SPC’s career-focused set of courses is fashioned with input from industry connoisseurs.

It has over 100 academic lineups and more than 20 bachelor’s degrees including top faculty with 139 doctors. This College graduates rank first in the state of Florida in terms of the most treasured job skills.

5. Hillsborough Community College

Location: Tampa
Degrees Offered:
Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’s, Diplomas.

 The best thing for the students in Hillsborough Community College is that it runs five primary campuses and three satellite locations in the area obliterating the need for the students to travel too far for study. Offering nearly 20 degree and certificate programs entirely through online courses Hillsborough Community College is one of the most productive online colleges in Florida. Hillsborough Community College delivers 160 technical diplomas, college credit certificates and degrees.

Tech professionals can learn skills and earn permits in special programs. Those who want to get some rehearsal steering a high-enrollment institution Hillsborough Community College is best for them.

Educating more than 27,000 students each year Hillsborough Community College claims chief enrollment figures of any school on our list.

6. Florida Keys Community College

Location: Key West
Degrees Offered:
Certificate, Bachelor’s.

Florida Keys Community College is eminent for professors who can help you one-on-one when you need it. The best thing about the college is student-faculty ratio which is less than 12:1 — better than most two-year schools in the state by a wide margin. It offers more than 30 associate degree and certificate programs in 6 different categories and includes sporadic or unique degree programs, thanks to the special environment of the Keys which makes it create the difference. Certificates in marine mammal behavior and training, commercial diving and professional research diving are awarded here.

7. Tallahassee Community College

Location: Tallahassee
Degrees offered:
Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

Tallahassee Community College may seem awe-inspiring initially because of its over 90 programs and 600 courses offered to a student body representing more than 80 countries all-inclusive.

Each student gets the devotion desired to succeed is at the core of the school’s viewpoint in accordance to Al Moran, VP for Marketing and Communications.

The Tallahassee Community College community is a tremendously well-resourced, its Career Center Advisory Board has local employers giving irreplaceable intuition to job-seekers, and the inimitable Learning Commons is a soup to nuts resource for students that goes past an archetypal library to include training, tech sustenance, and an innumerable of workshops and discussions. With years of involvement and upholding a low tuition rate of around $100 per credit hour, Tallahassee Community College is paying a faculty valued twice the nationwide average in doctoral degrees.

8. Indian River State College

Location: Fort Pierce
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

In Indian River State College, there’s so much you’re going to acquire in a classroom. From facing the world through study overseas tours to arching headship skills in the campus alliance government to mounting their academics through any of the several honor societies, Indian River State College students get much more out of their education than simply cramming notes.

“The Career and Transition Center work together with companies for a Job Bank for students who also receive help framing an operative resume and training with job interviewing,” adds Abaldo. Indian River State College rates as low as $103.83 for each credit hour and a student teacher ratio of 23 to 1. 

It was baptized as one of the ten top community colleges in the US by the Aspen Institute in 2014.It was ranked in the top 9 of public provincial colleges in the South by U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. Department of Education classified it as the 4th most reasonably priced College in the country for the 2014-2015 school year.

Together with bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and various certificates, Indian River State College offers students over 150 programs. Indian River State College is credited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

9. Valencia College

Location:     Orlando, Fla.
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

Valencia College admission stands at an enormous 60,000 students with satellite campuses in Kissimmee and Winter Park. This makes it as the third-largest affiliate foundation of the Florida College System. The average class size at Valencia College remains 23 students even with the vast size. In 2011, the school was named the top community college in the United States by the Aspen Institute, a label founded in part on student learning, degree completion and earnings after college.

A program called “Direct Connect to UCF” is offered by Valencia College to all students looking for an associate degree. This free program promises Valencia graduates admission and a flat transition to the University of Central Florida, also located in Orlando. Valencia College is ascribed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

10. Chipola College

Location: Marianna, Fla.
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

Chipola College is settled on 105 acres near the Chipola River. This primarily-agrarian area is in the Florida panhandle and borders the Georgia and Alabama state lines. The school offers multiple Associate in Science and Associate in Arts degree paths with over 2,000 students.

From a culture standpoint, the college freshly opened a gigantic Center for the Arts that includes two theaters. Instructors have been well-represented in competition as the “Brain Bowl” team has won numerous state and national championships. As multiple graduates now practice their sports at the highest professional levels, Chipola College is specifically noted for its athletics program. Chipola College is attributed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

11. Broward College

Location: Fort Lauderdale
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

Together with an Honor Student Committee and an Honors Symposium, where honors students present their research to their peers and faculty, Broward students can choose from any of the over 100 degrees offered and apply to the viable Honors College.
Broward Arts of Science graduates make an average first-year salary of $46,656, it appears like all this pays off.

12. Florida Gateway College

Location:  Lake City, Fla.
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Certificate.

Florida Gateway College has a total of about 7,000 students with satellite accommodations in Bell, Cross City and Olustee., the college still offers both associate degree and bachelor’s degree programs regardless of its smaller size. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education are two advanced degrees the college offers its students. To pass the state of Florida examination to become a licensed cosmetologist, Florida Gateway College offers a one-year Cosmetology program that concocts students. Florida Gateway College is attributed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

13. George Stone Technical College

Location: Pensacola
Degrees offered: Bachelors, Associate, Certificate.

George Stone Technical College has been a prop of professional education at the western end of the Panhandle since 1968. It added a high school completion program in 2012 and became fully official in the 1980s.

In addition to business, health, public service and industry students at GSTC can select from a list of more than 20 career-focused study plans. Programs here are premeditated in such a way that students should be able to build valuable intangible skills like reasoning and problem solving as well as develop occupation-specific technical capabilities.

So, here we list down the top 13 Community Colleges In Florida having Different kind of programs here come with diverse tuition and fee schedules. Although welding and aviation programs come with some extra course fees, a year of full-time study in most subjects cost less than $2,600 for Florida inhabitants in 2018.

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