Dental Hygiene Schools in Utah


Studying in dental hygiene schools in Utah opens a door to wide range of opportunities for its students. The dental hygiene schools in Utah are considered to be the best options for the students of medicine. These schools offer their students with top quality faculty and curriculum.

1. Utah College of Dental Hygiene

The Utah College of Dental Hygiene is the only private school in the state. The school provides 20 month Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Degree in the State of Utah. During past 12 years the school has graduated 850 students.  Many of graduates of the school have worked, or are working, as registered dental hygienists in over 41 states throughout the United States.

Admission Address: 1176 South 1480 West Orem, UT
Admission Phone: 801-426-8234
Mail to:

Scholarships in Utah College of Dental Hygiene:

The school offers different scholarships for its students. Every scholarship has different criteria of its own. The final selection is done by the scholarship committee of the school. Following are the scholarships granted by the school:

  • Academy of LDS Dentists
  • ADEA Student Scholarships
  • ADA Foundation
  • ADA Endowment and Assistance Fund, Inc.
  • ADHA Institute for Oral Health
  • The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

2. Premier Dental Assisting School of Utah

The Premier Dental Assisting School of Utah was founded in 2012. The school is one of the leading institutes of the country. Though the school has existed from less time still it has placed its mark with graduates serving and leading in the field. The most defining characteristic of the school is its experienced faculty and top quality facilities.

Admission Address: 112 E 12450 S #101, Draper, UT
Admission Phone: 801-803-0005
Mail to:

Scholarships in Premier Dental Assisting School of Utah:

The school allows its students to take benefits from different scholarship programs in order to overcome financial hurdles in their way of learning medicine. It grants following scholarships and financial aids to its students:

  • Federal Grants
  • Pell Grants
  • State/Local Government grants
  • Institutional grants or Scholarships
  • Federal Students loan

3. Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting

The Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting has the tradition of providing excellent quality of education. The school has an experience of 20 years. The school has hundreds of graduates who are working as leaders and innovators in the field. The school is committed to providing its students with the best dental assisting training and know that its exceptional reputation rests on the ability of school to effectively prepare them for a lifetime career in Dentistry.

Admission Address: 1275 E Fort Union Blvd Suite 200 Cottonwood Heights, UT
Admission Phone: 801-406-1311
Mail to:

Scholarships in Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting:

The school provides a wide array of scholarships and other financial aids option for its students. These options include:

  • Pell grants
  • Federal loans
  • Federal scholarships
  • State scholarships
  • Donor sponsor scholarships
  • Need base scholarships
  • Merit base scholarships

4. University of Utah School of Dentistry

The University of Utah School of Dentistry is working to lead the profession of dentistry to new horizons. The students of the school are taught to discovery, and outreach to provide comprehensive and value-driven care for each patient. The school is committed to provide exceptional education to its students.

Admission Address: 530 South Wakara Way Salt Lake City, UT
Admission Phone: 801-587-6453
Mail to:

Scholarships in University of Utah School of Dentistry

The school recognizes the potential of its students by providing them with outstanding scholarships opportunities. The School of Dentistry currently offers 13 scholarships totalling more than $20,000, available to both incoming and current students for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Some of the scholarships offered by the university are:

  • John Erickson Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Jay A. & Susan G. Aldous Annual Scholarship
  • Jay A. Aldous Endowed Scholarship
  • Grant B. & Susan S. Cannon Annual Scholarship
  • Marian W. Ingham Endowed Scholarship
  • Mark & Mary Jane Taylor Annual Scholarship
  • Dr. Richard D. & Terina Newman Martinez Endowed Scholarship

If you are looking to get enrolled in a dental school in Utah the above list will help to choose the best option for you. The list aims to provide you with the best options available. It will help you to choose the best school that gives importance to both primary care and research.



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