Dental Schools in Texas

Dental Schools in Texas
Dental Schools in Texas

Texas is considered to be one of the best places to study medicine with its state-of-the-art schools and colleges. Dental schools of Texas are considered to be the best option for studying medicine.

Dental schools in Texas offer high quality education and are widely known. A degree from Dental School in Texas could help you to get job anywhere in the world.

Below is the list of Best Dental Schools in Texas

  • 1. Texas A&M College of Dentistry
  • 2. UT Health School of Dentistry
  • 3. UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry
  • 4. Texas Academy of Dental Assisting
  • 5. Dallas Dental Assistant School
  • 6. Star of Texas Dental Assisting School
  • 7. Tyler Dental Assistant School

1. Texas A&M College of Dentistry

Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas is committed to train its students to attain higher education and use their skill and knowledge in serving their community. The college was founded in 1905.

In the beginning the school was affiliated with Baylor University from 1918 to 1971 and spent the next 25 years as an independent, private institution. Since its founding, the college has graduated more than 9,000 dentists and dental hygienists. The college is known internationally for producing excellent clinicians.

Admission Address: 3302 Gaston Ave. Dallas, TX
Admission Phone: 214-828-8100
Mail to:  

Scholarships in Texas A&M College of Dentistry:

The school awards scholarships to its outstanding students. Non-residents receiving the scholarships receive a non-resident tuition waiver. Scholarships awarded by the school include:

  • ADA Dental Hygiene Senior Scholarship
  • ADA Dental Student and Underrepresented Minority Dental Student Scholarships
  • ADHA Foundation Institute for Oral Health Dental Hygiene Scholarship
  • Betty Whiteaker Scholarship
  • Claude Williams Scholarship
  • Emily A. and Robert Walker Scholarship
  • Kerney-Laday Scholarship
  • Texas Dental Association (TDA) Smiles Foundation Scholarship

2. UT Health School of Dentistry

UT Health School of Dentistry was founded in 1905. The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston was the first dental school in Texas. The school was a founding institution of the world-renowned Texas Medical Centre. The school continues to lead dental education and provide its students with top-quality education and innovative techniques to its students.

Admission Address: 7500 Cambridge St. Houston, TX
Admission Phone: 713-486-4000
Mail to:

Scholarships in UT Health School of Dentistry:

  • The school offers a number of scholarships for its students who find it difficult to finance their education. The financial aid given to the students is given on the base achievement and need. The scholarships grant following scholarships to its students:
  • Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants Scholarship
  • ADHA Institute Scholarship Program          
  • AES Scholarship       
  • AMA Scholarships    
  • United States Army Health Professions Program (HPSP)    
  • Dental Trade Alliance Foundation Scholarship        
  • Executive Women International ASIST Scholarship

3. UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry

UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry has state-of-the-art facilities. The school has a team of scientists that collaborate with clinicians and research teams worldwide. The school works across multiple medical and dental disciplines to find new treatments.

Admission Address: 7703 Floyd Curl Drive San Antonio, TX
Admission Phone: 210-567-7000
Mail to:

Scholarships in UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry:

The school offer a variety of financial aids program for its students. The scholarships are awarded on merit and need base. The financial aid program granted by the school includes:


4. Texas Academy of Dental Assisting

Texas Academy of Dental Assisting is approved and regulated by the State of Texas Educational Approval Board. The mission of the school is to enable the students to perform their job professionally. Students are also trained to leverage their academic and co-curricular knowledge to be competitive.

The school helps students think long-term through career and personal development. Dental Assisting is located in Fort Worth, TX. This school offers training in 3 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Registered Dental Assistant, RDA, and Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).

Admission Address: 4255 Bryant Irvin Rd #112, Fort Worth, TX
Admission Phone: 817-291-8078
Mail to:

Scholarships in Texas Academy of Dental Assisting:  

The school allows its students to reach to several organizations that offer dental assistant scholarships, specifically intended for students entering this field of study. These scholarships include:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The National Dental Association Foundation (NDAF)
  • Colgate-Palmolive Scholarship
  • The Hispanic Dental Association

5. Dallas Dental Assistant School

Dallas Dental Assistant School was founded to give students the opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Our dental assistant program provides hands-on training, low tuition costs, and everything you need to succeed as a dental assistant.

Admission Address: 2702 McKinney Ave #200, Dallas, TX
Admission Phone: 214-974-5038
Mail to:

Scholarships in Dallas Dental Assistance School:

A large numbers of scholarships are available to help students pursuing careers in dentistry to meet the rising costs of their college tuition. These scholarships include:

  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship
  • Indian Health Services Scholarship
  • American Dental Association Foundation
  • Chinese American Medical Society

6. Star of Texas Dental Assisting School

Star of Texas Dental Assisting School is a private dental assistant job-training school. The school offers a unique program which inspires entry-level students. The school also trained its students to become top-quality health care professionals to optimize their performance and fulfilment by providing a continuing experience beyond all other competition. The students of the school are working as leaders and innovators in their fields.

Admission Address: 12335 Hymeadow Dr. Ste. 250 Austin, TX
Admission Phone: 512-487-1547
Mail To:   

Scholarships in Star of Texas Dental Assisting School:

7. Tyler Dental Assistant School

The Tyler Dental Assistant School was founded to provide its students with a high-quality, hands-on education. The school is working to make education both affordable and convenient for students from all walks of life.

The classes are held inside of a working dental office and instructors are full-time dental assistants who have years of experience in the techniques they teach. In just 12 weeks, you’ll learn all skills and techniques necessary to succeed in this quickly growing field and becoming a highly trained professional.

Admission Address: 5011 Troup Hwy #700, Tyler, TX 75703, United States
Admission Phone: 903-471-3079
Mail to:

Scholarships in Tyler Dental Assistant School:

The school understands that today’s students often juggle work, family and other obligations while continuing their education. To make the education accessible to students of all means, the school has several financial aid options available to choose from. These include

  • Pell grants
  • Federal grants
  • Institutional scholarships
  • External scholarships
  • Federal loans
  • Donor scholarships
  • Donor loans
  • Merit scholarships
  • Need base scholarships

These institutions are the best options for studying dentistry. They carry a worldwide recognition and offer high standard infrastructure and education. Applicants will find the dental schools in Texas quite though and competitive.

Dental Schools in Texas are especially a best option for the residents of Texas. Several of the schools have less stringent academic requirements than other medical schools, which may be attractive depending on student’s academic record. It will be a good option if you are planning on primary care and staying in Texas to practice.

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