Dental schools in Washington

Dental schools in Washington
Dental schools in Washington

Dental schools in Washington are less in numbers as compared to other states. A small number of private and public universities in the state have dental schools that grant degree and qualify graduates to practice dentistry.

Though small in number but the quality of education of thee schools is something that can be relied on. Dental schools of Washington are among the top-rated medical schools in the country.

Following are the dental school of Washington to help you to choose the best school for you.

  • 1. UW School of Dentistry
  • 2. Central Washington School of Dental Assisting
  • 3. Emerald School of Dental Assisting
  • 4. North shore Dental Assisting Academy, LLC
  • 5. Olympia Dental Assistant School
  • 6. Vancouver Dental Assisting School
  • 7. Spokane Dental Assistant School

1. UW School of Dentistry

The University of Washington School of Dentistry is recognized as one of the best dental school in Washington. The school is seen as nation’s leading centres of dental education, oral health research, and patient care. The educational institute is one of the most advanced and comprehensive in the nation.

Admission Address: 1959 NE Pacific St. Seattle, WA
Admission Phone: 206-543-5840
Mail to:

Scholarships in the University of Washington School of Dentistry:

The students of the school who need financial aid should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The school grants may different type of scholarships and financial aids to its students. It includes:

  • Pell grants
  • Federal aids
  • Federal loans
  • Institutional scholarships
  • External scholarships

2. Central Washington School of Dental Assisting

Central Washington School of Dental Assisting is one of the Washington’s leading vocational dental assistant training programs. The school was established to provide an affordable vocational education and top quality instructions for its students. The school is working to provide each student with the fundamental professional skills necessary to seek employment within the Dental profession.

Admission Address: 125 Easy St, Wenatchee, WA
Admission Phone:
Mail to:

Scholarships in Central Washington School of Dental Assisting 

The school offers a number of scholarships and grants that seek to help parents and students pay for the rising costs of secondary education. Following are some the programs that the school offers to its students:

  • State Need Grant

3. Emerald School of Dental Assisting

Emerald School of Dental Assisting is a private institution of higher learning. The school is committed to providing educational and professional development in the career of dental assisting.  The program at the school is designed to provide you with all the training and job skills that ensure your success in your career as a dental assistant.

Students will learn the latest techniques in dental assisting, chair side assisting skills, hands-on experience and infection control and treatment procedures.  Most programs are designed to have you prepared and ready for work in less than a year and we offer a dental assistant diploma and certificate of completion.

Admission Address: 22030 7th Ave. S. Suite 102 Des Moines, WA
Admission Phone: 206-212-6999
Mail to:

Scholarships in Emerald School of Dental Assisting:

The school awards a variety of scholarships for its students. These scholarships can be merit and also need base. Following are some of the scholarships that are provided to the students:

  • ADA Foundation Scholarships
  • CBCF Louis Stokes Health Scholars Program
  • Healthcare & Nursing Scholarship Award
  • Latinos for Dental Careers Scholarship
  • ADEA Scholarship Program

4. North shore Dental Assisting Academy, LLC

North shore Dental Assisting Academy, LLC provides state-of-the-art equipment and caring and knowledgeable instructors. In just 22 weeks, students may earn a Certificate of Achievement in our accelerated training program. The students of the school train its students with the skills necessary to begin a new career as a dental assistant in the state of Washington.

Admission Address: 2614 Colby Ave A, Everett, WA
Admission Phone: 425-408-9400
Mail to:

Scholarships in North shore Dental Assisting Academy:

The school knows that dental health schools can be expensive to pay. Therefore the school allows its students to take help from scholarship programs. These programs may include:

  • Federal grants
  • Institutional grants
  • Donor grants
  • Merit base scholarships
  • Need base scholarships
  • Talent base scholarships

5. Olympia Dental Assistant School

Olympia Dental Assistant School is one of the best dental schools in the state. The school is known for its facilities such as hand on learning, classes in actual dental office, low cost and many others. Students who graduate from Olympia Dental Assistant School receive their Dental Assistant Certificate. These students are trained by professional teachers and provided with state-of-the-art facilities to its students.

Admission Address: 1502 Bishop Rd. SW Tumwater, WA
Admission Phone: 360-200-7119
Mail to:

Scholarships in Olympia Dental Assistant School:

The school believes that financial problems are a big hurdle in the way of a student to put his whole focus on his education. Keeping this in consideration the school grants a number of scholarships to its students. These include:

  • American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) Merit Scholar Award
  • Hispanic Dental Association Foundation
  • American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) / Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
  • Juliette A. Southard Scholarship
  • Tylenol Future Care Scholarship
  • Gates Millennium Scholars

6. Vancouver Dental Assisting School

The Vancouver Dental Assisting School is working to train its students to secure a future in rapidly growing field of dental care. The program offered by the school prepares you to enter the dental profession with confidence and the ability to make a difference.

Admission Address: 512 NE 81st St G, Vancouver, WA
Admission Phone: 360-521-1414
Mail to:

Scholarships in Vancouver Dental Assistant School:

The school offers following types of programs to help their students cope with financial problems:

  • The American Dental Assistants Association
  • The Hispanic Dental Association
  • Pell grants
  • PLUS loans for parents
  • Consolidation loans
  • Federal Work Study
  • Perkins loans
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

7. Spokane Dental Assistant School

Spokane Dental Assistant School was established to give students the opportunity to become a part of one of the fastest growing professions in the country. The dental assistant program of the school provides its students with a number of facilities. These facilities include hands-on training, low tuition costs, and everything you need to succeed as a dental assistant. The dental assistant course has helped thousands of people start a new career in the dental field at a fraction of the cost of other schools.

Admission Address: 6817 N Cedar Rd #201, Spokane, WA
Admission Phone: 509-955-0661
Mail to:

Scholarships in Spokane Dental Assistant School:

The school offers merit and need base scholarships to its needy and deserving student. These scholarships are awarded by the university to help students cope with their financial hurdles and put their complete focus on their study. There are also other financial aids available. These include:

  • External scholarships
  • Donors
  • Student loans
  • State students assistance agencies
  • Scholarships provided by local medical societies

The above list will be very helpful if you trying to get admission in any of the dental school in Washington. All of the medical schools of Tennessee are discussed in detail to help you choose the best for you. 

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