Law schools In Georgia

law schools in Georgia

Here is the List of Best Law schools in Geogia

  • 1. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
  • 2. Georgia State University School of Law
  • 3. Emory University School of law
  • 4. Savannah Law School
  • 5. Mercer University School of law
  • 6. University of Georgia School of Law

Why Study Law?

Have you ever noticed something common among Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto and Quaid-e-Azam? They were all world’s best lawyers.  A Law degree is one of the oldest program and it also brings great opportunities and career.

Other than becoming a lawyer, graduates are free to choose many other fields like industry, media, academia, politics and social works. Graduates can have a wide range of job opportunities.

The students of law may bring reforms in the societies by doing justice. They also can improve the defects in any system by sticking with the  right decision about justice.  Lawyers also earn respect from society. They help people in solving their disputes. Georgia has also some best institutes for Medical also. Here you can check the Medical schools in Georgia

If you have decided to study Law in Georgia, here is the list provided of all law schools In Georgia.

1. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

 This law school is founded in 1933 as an independent law school. Atlanta’s John marshall law School is highly dedicated to educate its students’ legal education. It aims to provide legal education for non-traditional students also that is why the diversity can be seen in Atlanta Law School. The  Atlanta law School encourages students to study thoroughly and practice the communication and professional skills.

The law school promised to prepare its present students as future lawyer, so it focuses on communication skills, thinking, ethics and professional attitude  make them successful lawyer. This law school offers its students a full time and part time study programs according to the students ease.


The mission of the Atlanta Law school is described below:

  • Provide a sense of professionalism, responsibilities and ethics for individuals.
  • Promote law, education and offer scholarships to students to carry on the study.

Learning Outcomes

First Year

Students will analyze, understand and apply a law on the issue.

  • They will discuss, explain, justify their stance on specific issues.
  • They will defend the case through strong arguments which they perform by researching it effectively.

Higher Level

  • Using critical thinking and professional skills, they will solve legal problems.
  • Deal the client in a professional way.
  • Use their writing skills to represent the arguments.

Educational programs

This school offers following law programs:

  • Criminal Justice Certificate program
  • J.D. Programs (full time day, part time day, part time evening)
  • L.L.M. Programs

2. Georgia State University School of Law

This college opened its door in 1982 and enrolled 200 students in its first year. In its inaugural year, the students, mostly get enrolled in part time programs because most of the students were doing full time jobs in that time.

The college of law is accredited by the American Bar Association and this college is also a member of Association American Law Schools.

The Georgia State University School of Law offers a wide range of outstanding programs  and learning opportunities to the students. This college offers 9 major degree programs and also offers 180  Internships to the students every semester.

The innovative curriculum of School of law capable students of doing both traditional theory, learning and practical based skills.  The graduates from college of law get a splendid entry into their career and get hired by businessmen,  law firms and for private and public sectors.

 The college offers the  following programs:

J.D. Programs

Georgia school of law offers both full time and part time J.D. Programs to its students.  The curriculum of Full time J.D Program is very innovative and challenging.  In the first year student study foundation layering course and in higher level, there are a variety of areas offered to study like entertainment, health, tax system, social justice, immigration and family law.

 The part time J.D programs offers students to take classes during day, evening or the combination of both. Mostly the students who enrolled in part time J.D program, complete their degree in five years.

L.L.M. Program

The students who enrolled for L.L.M Program focus mainly on legal studies and several specialized areas. The main conecentrations are in the areas of  intellectual property law, Healh Law, Legal Anaytic and innovation and Environmental and land use law.

3. Emory University School of law

Emory University School of Law started in 1916 and known for its innovation in legal studies and analytical thinking.  The name of Emory University School of law is considered within top 25  law schools nationally.

 The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students  take interest in legal education and want to know more about it.This college creates curiosity among the students by giving them such an environment that they are curios to invent or discover new ideas and new ways to solve a problem.

The college offers some special programs to make them professional in their field. These programs are as follows:


The college offers Externships to students to make them professionals. What student learn in the class and how they will apply in professional career is what Externships teach you.  Externships provide students a chance to be practical about what he has learned.

Legal Foundations

It is a non-degree summer program that surveys, the United State laws and American legal training for the students who enrolled in the university. But this offer is given to selected students, according to the criteria.


It is a real world training and student work under the supervision of clinical faculty and et the experience of real life. They start handling legal cases and dealing the clients. They have to follow the case and do thorough study and then discuss, analyze and argue about it.

 The Following programs are offered by Emory University School of Law.

  • Juris Doctor (J.D)
  • Juris Master (J.M)
  • Masters of Law (LLM)
  • Doctor  of Juridical Science (SJD)
  • Masters of Comparative Law (MCL)
  • Joint Degree Programs

4. Savannah Law School

The Savannah Law School is the branch of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. This law school opened its doors for students in 2012. The goal of the  Savannah law School is to become an ideal law school for the whole world.

The mission of this law school is to give legal education to both traditional and non-traditional students.  The Savannah Law School really appreciates those students who promise to contribute positively to the school and for the career. The Savannah law School is fulfilling its promise of making ethical, highly skilled and professional lawyers.


The Savannah law School offers Externships to the students to make them professionals and highly skilled lawyer. The Externship will develop the values of the legal profession and develop the sense of ethics and values in your character. It gives you  a chance to understand the people closely and to examine the real problem of clients.

The Savannah does not offer you a wide range of degree programs, but it promises you to give its best in the fields which they  offered to the students.

5. Mercer University School of law

The Mercer University School of law is founded in 1873 and known for its tradition to make students practice-ready lawyer so that once they will finish their degree they will be all set to serve the community. This law school is known for its curriculum which provide  the best legal education and focus on the interaction of students and faculty.

The school is also best in the way that its faculty is really down-to-earth, who are always ready to help their students and they always make their lesson more attractive and interesting to engage students in studies.  The professors always keep their doors open for the students and encourages students to share their problems.

The Mercer Law Academic Success Program

This program gives  the chance to students to get different courses, workshops, career counseling and mentor program which help all members to study with different strategies, plannings, outcomes, course lining and time management.  This program also provides an opportunity to take  the Enhanced Academic success Program to those students who need additional  support regarding curriculum and practice.

Woodruff Curriculum

The Mercer university School of law is distinguished among nation due to its Woodruff Curriculum.  Atlanta’s philanthropist gave $15 million to the  Mercer’s Law School  and also give them a challenge to make a very good law school. So the faculty and management deeply focus on the ways how to make Mercer Law School, the best school and how students practice law and how can they would prepare them as a good lawyer. So with this purpose a new curriculum was launched with the name of Woodruff Curriculum.  In this program, a first its own kind of legal writing program was launched. Courses were revised and included more practical work, ethics and professionalism. Resources and technology were also added.

6. University of Georgia School of Law

This college is founded in 1859. According to the U.S News & World Report, the University of Georgia School of Law is consistently ranked one of the top Law schools. University of Georgia School of Law prepared its students to be successful in courtroom, boardrooms, and whatever the place is.

The quality education is also a strong tool of this law school. The faculty is hardworking and their way of teaching distinguishes them among peers. This school provides an  outstanding curriculum regarding legal education and extra curricular activities to the students and they meet and discuss legal problems.

The comprehensive curriculum of the  Georgia University school of Law is ideal for those students who are confident in achieving law degree.

J.D. Programs

The Georgia School of Law offers Juris Doctor (J.D)  full- time program. The J.D. program is about three years in which students are trained for excellent writing skills, ethic of the law and practical skills. The Georgia School of Law’s tuition is the lowest and its expenses are affordable and reasonable.  The law School provides a comprehensive curriculum that provides law practice and theory both.

Georgia school of law also offers these programs.

i) Masters of law (LLM)

The Georgia University school of Law offers LLM degree and also it focus on concentrations. Students may choose any one area of concentration. The LLM concentrations are listed below:

  • Preparation for a U.S Bar Examination
  • Business Law and Dispute settlement
  • Family Law and Migration
  • Transitional , international and Comparative Law
  • Public Institution and the Law

ii) Masters in the study of Law (M.S.L)

Students can take admissions in both full home and part time program in Masters in the study of Law.  The school of law offers many industry related programs like state and local government, Constitutional Law, corporate law, employment law, introduction to American law, federal income tax law and more.

Georgia School of Law is also known for its award winning Advocacy programs. The curriculum enables students to be successful not only in the courtroom, but also in the boardroom or any other setting.

Dual  Degree

The law school offers dual degree programs and students can get both law and graduate degrees at a time in 3 to 4 years.  The list of Dual Degree Programs are as follows:

i) J.D. / M.Acc.

In this program, students learn both legal education and accounting. Students get both Juris doctor and masters of accounting degree.

ii) J.D. / M.B.A

This program is designed for those students who are interested in law and banking, international business, law and finance.  This is 3 to 4 years dual degree program.

iii) J.D./M.H.P

This program is designed for those students who take an  interest in historic preservation field.  This program offers internships and thesis.

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