Medical Schools in Delaware

medical schools in Delaware
medical schools in Delaware

Just like other medical colleges the medical schools of Delaware are quiet though and competitive. The out-of-state students face quiet a difficulty in getting admission in med schools of Delaware because they accept a larger percentage of in-state students to meet the growing demand of physicians and healthcare providers.

If you are looking for best medical schools in Delaware that offer excellent programs in medical field, than following is a lit complied for you. This list aims to provide you with detail information about medical schools in Delaware so that you can easily pick up the most suitable one to study and build your career in field of medicine.

Following are the Best Medical Schools in Delaware

  • 1. Delaware Institute of Medical
  • 2. University of Delaware
  • 3. Delaware Academy of Medicine
  • 4. Wilmington University
  • 5. Dawn Career Institute – Delaware Career Education

1. Delaware Institute of Medical

The Delaware Institute of Medical was founded in 1969. The main aim of creating the school was to provide an alternative to the state-sponsored medical schools and also to provide opportunities of higher-education to the people of Delaware.

Students who wish to take admission in the school must be a permanent resident of Delaware and must clear the entrance exams and pre-medical academic requirements. Some of the most skilled doctors of Texas have been students of Baylor College and are now also working as teachers in college. The location of the school provides its students with an access to a large quantity of impatient and outpatient medical facility. It provides its students with guidance to provide essential, health sustaining primary care with skill and compassion. The institute offers the Doctor of osteopathic Medicine medical degree.

Admission Address: Main Building 1901 N. DuPont Highway New Castle DE
Admission Phone: 302-255-9040
Admission Email:

Scholarships in Delaware Institute of Medical:

The Delaware Institute of Medicine offers a number of competitive scholarships. The scholarships are based on merit determined by the school. The institute offers these financial aids to the students to help fund their education. The financial aids options given by the institute include:

  • Private educational Loans
  • Payment plans options
  • Grants and scholarships

2. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is working to cultivate learning, develop knowledge and foster the free exchange of ideas. The school is state-assisted yet is governed privately by the administration of the institution. The University has a strong tradition of distinguished scholarship, research, teaching and service that is grounded in a commitment to increasing and disseminating scientific, humanistic and social knowledge for the benefit of the larger society.

The institute is one of the oldest in the U.S. it was founded in 1743. The institute is distinguished by the state of the art facilities that it provides to its students. The students of the school are working as top professionals in the field and are providing healthcare to some of the undeserved areas of the state.

Admission Address: 210 South College Ave. Newark, DE
Admission Phone: 302-831-2792
Admission Email:

Scholarships in University of Delaware:

Endowments are funds provided by school’s generous donors, and may have specific criteria for awarding.  While the school matches up most endowments to eligible students, a select number require a separate application and are included here.

External scholarships may be offered by employers, clubs, foundations, community or religious organizations, or other groups.  They require students to search and apply for them.  Scholarship monies go unclaimed every year, and they can be awarded to regular students with regular accomplishments, or unique students with unique interests, or unusual students with unusual abilities. The school offers following scholarships to its students:

  • Private educational Loans
  • Payment plans options
  • Grants and scholarships
  • External scholarships
  • Institute sponsored scholarships
  • Donor sponsored scholarships

3. Delaware Academy of Medicine

The mission of Delaware Academy of Medicine is to enhance the well being of the community through education and the promotion of public health. The school is working to revolutionize medical education by creating new opportunities for medical students in determining their own objectives for clinical cases. It focuses on leadership development, usage of technology in medical field and increasing student’s interaction with the community.

The school is working to accomplish this mission through professional and lay education, advocacy efforts, and partnerships with like-minded individuals and entities, and with guidance from national organizations including the American Public Health Association and the National Academy of Medicine.

Admission Address: Suite L10 4765 Ogletown Stanton Rd. Route 4 Newark, DE Admission Phone: 302-733-3952
Admission Email:

Scholarships in Delaware Academy of Medicine:

The objective of the Delaware Academy of Medicine’s Student Financial Aid program is to provide general financial assistance to Delaware residents studying medicine and dentistry. Following are some scholarships granted to the students:

  • AAUW, Dover Branch
  • AAUW, Western Sussex Branch
  • AAUW, Wilmington (DE) Branch
  • Abbott Scottish Rite Scholarship
  • Academic Common Market
  • Achievement Scholarship for Students with a History of Chronic Illness Fund
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Zeta Omega Chapter Scholarship
  • Thurman G. Adams and Hilda McCabe Adams Family Scholarship

4. Wilmington University

The Wilmington University is focusing on making sure that the students of the school have the chance to reach their goals and become leaders in their professions. The school teaches its students in such a way that empowers the students to overcome obstacles and earn an education that fits their lives. Some of the most skilled doctors of Delaware have been students of Wilmington University and are now also working as teachers in college.

Admission Address: 320 N. DuPont Hwy New Castle, DE
Admission Phone: 877-967-5464
Admission Email:

Scholarships in Wilmington University:

At Wilmington University we are committed to helping our students achieve their higher education goals. A number of scholarships are awarded annually. Find scholarships online, explore your options and apply. These scholarships provide support for Wilmington University students based on merit, financial need, and other criteria.

Delaware Higher Education Office
Wilmington University Scholarship America Partnership
Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO)

5. Dawn Career Institute – Delaware Career Education

Dawn Career Institute is located in Newark, Delaware. It is a private post-secondary institution of higher education serving Delaware. The Dawn Career Institute is working to cultivate an environment that enables individuals to thrive in the pursuit of fulfilling personal professional and academic goals. The school provide its students with top-quality learning and training facilities that make them competitive when they go out in market.

Admission Address: 252 Chapman Road, Newark, DE
Admission Phone: 302-633-9075
Admission Email:

Scholarship in Dawn Career Institute:

Dawn Career Institute allows its students to take benefits from different scholarship programs in order to overcome financial hurdles in their way of learning medicine. Central Michigan University College of Medicine grants following scholarships and financial aids to its students:

  • Federal direct student loans
  • Federal student aid
  • In-school and out-school scholarships

If you are looking to get enrolled in a medical school in Delaware the above list will help to choose the best option for you. The list aims to provide you with the best options available. It will help you to choose the best school that gives importance to both primary care and research. Delaware is considered to be the best option to study medicine due to the high quality of schools and education provided in these institutions, yet choosing the right school is also important for your medical career.

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