Medical schools in Nebraska

Medical schools in Nebraska
Medical schools in Nebraska

Medical schools in Nebraska are highly ranked medical schools. They are especially renowned for training in primary care, rural medicine and family medicine. Many of the schools require the medical students to begin clerkships in their third year and must work in a rural setting before graduation.

If you are looking to take admission in one of the medical schools of Nebraska then you are at the right place. Below is the list of the best medical schools that you can find in Nebraska. This list will help you to choose the best option to start your career as a health care provider.

Following are Best Medical schools in Nebraska

  • 1. Creighton University School of Medicine
  • 2. University of Nebraska Medical Centre
  • 3. College of Saint Mary
  • 4. Bryan College of Health Sciences
  • 5. Midland University
  • 6. UNMC College of Nursing
  • 7. Western Nebraska Community College
  • 8. Metropolitan Community College
  • 9. Providence Health Career Institute
  • 10. Central Community College – Grand Island

1. Creighton University School of Medicine

Creighton University School of Medicine is a private institution that was founded in 1878. Creighton University is a Jesuit institution in Omaha, Nebraska. The school offers its students with a large quantity of organizations to help them groom their skills in extra-curricular activities.

Admission Address: 2500 California Plaza Omaha, NE
Admission Phone: 402-280-2700
Mail to:

Scholarships in Creighton University School of Medicine:

The school believes that financial problems must not become an obstacle in the way of its students. Considering this the school offers number of scholarship and financial aid programs for its students. Most of the programs are based on merit and need base. These programs include:

  • Institutional Scholarships
  • Service-Based Scholarships
  • Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Residency Interview and Relocation Loans
  • Byorth Family School of Medicine Endowed Scholar         
  • CU Med Class of ’55 Scholarship
  • CU Med Class of ’62 Scholarship     
  • CU Med Class of ’66 Scholarship     
  • CU Med Class of ’70 Scholarship     
  • CU Med Class of ’74 Scholarship     
  • Cahoy, Dr. Harold & Joan Scholarship         
  • Cali Family Endowed Scholarship

2. University of Nebraska Medical Centre

Being the only health science Centre the University of Nebraska Medical Centre is committed to provide its students with the education of a 21st century health care work force. The school is training its students to finding cures and treatments for devastating diseases. The school also is committed to embracing the richness of diversity.

Admission Address: 42nd and Emile, Omaha, NE
Admission Phone: 402-559-4000
Mail to:

Scholarships in University of Nebraska Medical Centre:

The school offer several scholarships for its students to help them cope with their financial needs. Students receiving financial aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to retain their financial aid from year to year. Some of the scholarships granted by the school include:

  • Dean’s Academic Scholarship
  • Nebraska Society of CPA’s
  • Jean H. Jerman Gondringer Scholarship
  • John P. Fahey Scholarship Scholarship
  • Emalea & Zeta Gaul Scholarship
  • Frank J. Kellegher Endowed Scholarship
  • John E. Enis Memorial Scholarship

3. College of Saint Mary

Founded by Sisters of Mercy College of Saint Mary is an only women school. The school believes in the power of education. The main goal of the school is to help women realize their potential and prove themselves in the real life. College of Saint Mary is on the leading edge of providing current and relevant learning to the students.

Admission Address: 7000 Mercy Road Omaha, NE
Admission Phone: 402-399-2400
Mail to:

Scholarships in College of saint Mary:

When you apply to College of Saint Mary, you are eligible for a number of scholarships and grants including athletic, merit-based and need-based awards. These include:

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Catherine McAuley Grant​
  • Marie Curie Scholarship

4. Bryan College of Health Sciences

Bryan College of Health Sciences is one of the most prestigious colleges of the state. It offers the latest technology and most advanced teaching methods due to which it stands out of the crowd. The most distinguishing feature of the school is its dedicated faculty, strong clinical emphasis and hands-on learning opportunities. These facilities help to prepare our students to excel in real-life situations.

Admission Address: 1535 S. 52nd St. Lincoln, NE
Admission Phone: 402-481-3801
Mail to:

Scholarships in Bryan College of Health Science:  

The school believes that money should not become an obstacle in the way of a student to pursue his dream. Believing in this mission the school offers a number of scholarships and financial aids to its students. The scholarships and aids are offered on merit and need base. Following are some of the scholarships that the school grants to its students.

  • Frank J. Iwersen, MD Student Athlete Scholarship
  • George Beadle Scholarship
  • Locher Pavelka Dostal Braddy & Hammes, L.L.C. Scholarship
  • Dr. Patrick & Christine Smith Scholarship
  • Rev. Michael G. Morrison, S.J. Scholarship
  • Charles Sherman, Jr. & Charles Sherman, III Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank Earl Bellinger M.D. Scholarship

5. Midland University

Midland University is a private institute in Fremont, Nebraska. The school was founded in 1883. The main mission of founding Midland University was to create opportunities for the people of Fremont. The school is working to providing relevant opportunities in more than 30 academic areas, four graduate programs, and a variety of professional studies programs to students at both their Fremont and Omaha locations.

Admission address: 900 North Clarkson Fremont, NE 68025
Admission Phone: 800-642-8382
Mail to:

Scholarships in Midland University:

Last year the school gave away more than $18 million in scholarships and grants. Here are a few scholarships that are available:

  • Anderson Leader Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship        
  • Board of Directors Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Performing and Fine Arts Scholarships        
  • Speech and Debate Scholarships      
  • Midland Grants

6. UNMC College of Nursing

The University of Nebraska Medical Centre College of Nursing is the home of tremendous advances in knowledge about chronic care management, self-management, health promotion, rural health, and using technology to promote health and prevent illness, just to name a few of the areas of research for which the institute’s faculty have national and international reputations.

The institute is working to meet the growing demand of professional nurses all across the country. The state-of-the-art facilities provided by the institute and top quality faculty help the students realize their full potential.

Admission Address: 42nd and Emile Omaha, NE
Admission Phone: 402-559-4110
Mail to:

Scholarships UNMC College of Nursing

Limited scholarship money is available for academic merit, financial need, and specific donor criteria. Scholarships are awarded annually and are not guaranteed for following years. Scholarships include:

  • Grants
  • Federal Work Study
  • Education Loans
  • Graduate Assistantship/Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship

7. Western Nebraska Community College

At Western Nebraska Community College, students get endless educational, training, and growth opportunities. The school is working to positively impact the education and well-being of every student, employer, and community member in the Nebraska Panhandle region. Yhe main focus areas of the school are student success, workforce readiness, and accessibility. All of these have long been the foundation of the school’s guiding principles.

Admission Address: 1750 Sweetwater Ave. Alliance, NE 69301
Admission Phone: 308-763-2000
Mail to:

Scholarships in Western Nebraska Community College:

The school offers following type of financial aids:

  • Scholarships
  • Work Study
  • Student Loans
  • Grants

8. Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College’s mission is to deliver relevant, student-cantered education to a diverse community of learners. MCC was created in 1974 when the Nebraska State Legislature consolidated the original eight technical community college areas into six. The school offers top quality education and training to its students to help them thrive in the professional field.

Admission Address: P.O. Box 3777 Omaha, NE
Admission Phone: 531-622-2400
Mail to:

Scholarships in Metropolitan Community College:

Financial aid is money provided by federal, state and institutional sources to help students meet expenses while attending post-secondary school. MCC offers the following Federal, State, and Institutional Grants:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • Nebraska Opportunity Grant

9. Providence Health Career Institute

Providence Health Career Institute, LLC is accredited by the Nebraska Commissioner of Education under the provisions of sections 85-1617. The school is working to provide its students with best facilities to help them prepare for their professional life and to become leaders and innovators in the field.

Admission Address: 4600 Valley Road, Suite 412 Lincoln, NE
Admission Phone: 402-326-2792
Mail to:

Scholarships in Providence Health Career Institute:

The institute offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to all students to help them with their financial difficulties. The institute offer merit as well as need base scholarships to its students. Other scholarships programs include:

  • Institutional Grants
  • Institutional Scholarships
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Outside Scholarships

10. Central Community College – Grand Island

Central Community College is one of the best institutes of the state. The Grand Island Campus offers 22 career education programs and academic transfer courses in 18 areas for students who want to transfer to a four-year college or university after completing their associate degree at CCC.

Admission Address: 3134 US-34, Grand Island, NE
Admission Phone: 308-398-4222
Mail to:

Scholarships in Central Community College:

Grants, scholarships, work study and student loans can help make tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, transportation and even personal expenses affordable. Therefore the school offers following aids for its students:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Nebraska Opportunity Grant (NOG)
  • Federal Direct Student Loans
  • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
  • CCC Scholarships
  • External Scholarships
  • Summer Financial Aid
  • Federal Work Study Program

The above list encapsulates detail information about the medical schools of Nebraska. These schools are some of the best available options in the country. Most of the schools are highly ranked and well known. If you are looking to get admitted in any of the school in Nebraska the list is for you to help you decide the right option for you.

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