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Quinnipiac University is the private university that established in 1929 in Connecticut. It has also the medical school that was established in 2010 by Frank H. Netter. So, because of this, this school is known as Netter or simply Quinnipiac Medical School.

This medical school is established after very long time of its establishment. The medical school is also considered in one of the newest medical school in United States of America. Medical school is accredited from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), and full accreditation from the Connecticut State Board of Education

Quinnipiac University also provide you the option for accelerated dual-degree program. This will save your one year. If you are interested, you have to submit your SAT and ACT score with them to avail this offer.

Quinnipiac University Ranking

The ranking of this university decreased from the previous year ranking. Now, according to the US News this university lies in the top 153rd university in United States. Since the ranking depends on various factors so it is a good place to study.

According to Times Higher Education it lies in #261 in national universities. Quinnipiac University improves its ranking compare to previous years. Before 3 years this university lies in in the top 200 universities in United States. However, it can be the good place to study because of its environment, tuition fee and it also provides the scholarships to students. So that they can continue their studies.

Quinnipiac University Tuition Fee

Education in Quinnipiac University is very affordable because more than 60% of students received some kind of scholarships. This institution also invested heavily on their students either in the form of scholarships or in the form of deferment.

The total cost for the undergrad students is

  • Tuition
  • Student fees
  • Technology Fees
  • Room and Board
  • Total Direct Costs   


Note: tuition fee is taking according to the credit hours of students and they assume student is taking between 12-16 credit hour per semester. If it beyond this limit then it will be charged $1,105 per extra credit hour.

Here you can Calculate your Financial Aid Award if you want to get scholarship to carry on your study.

Apply for Quinnipiac University financial aid as well as Merit Base Scholarships. The students should apply for financial aid before December and after in the mid of December you will be notified about your application status.

Quinnipiac University Average SAT/ACT Score

The students who got admission in Quinnipiac University have the average SAT score of 1180 and average ACT score of 25.

While officially the university announce the SAT score for strong candidates should be around 1080-1300 and ACT score should be around 22-28.

If you have less score in SAT/ACT, then you must have good CGPA to acquire admission in this university. However, this university is relatively easy to get into as comparative to other universities in Connecticut If you have some good score in SAT or ACT. Check out the Yale University also lies in Connecticut that is so hard to get into.

Please note that for ACT you have to submit your best score result to this university but for the SAT score you have to submit all of you SAT result to university.

Acceptance Rate (Competition)
GPA Score (Competition)
SAT Score (Competition)

Quinnipiac University GPA Requirement

Quinnipiac University announces officially that strong applicants must have 3.3 GPA out of 4.0. Although this is not the minimum criteria of this university but the average number of applicants have this GPA.

Which means you must be present on average i.e. B in the class to secure your admission in this university.

What if you have low GPA? Defiantly you have to secure good marks in SAT/ACT tests to compensate your GPA score.

Quinnipiac University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Quinnipiac University is too high. So it is not difficult to get admission in this university. The acceptance rate of Quinnipiac University is 71% that is too high as compare to other universities in Connecticut.

The 71% acceptance rate means if 100 applicants would appear than 71 students will pass in this university. The acceptance rate of university also tells us how easy or difficult is to get into this university.

Quinnipiac University Requirements:

Like other universities this university also has some requirements that you should fulfill these during the admission in university. Some of the requirements for Quinnipiac University are given below.

  • Common application:
  • Dual degree program:
  • Last date:
  • Recommendation letter:
  • English Certificate:
  • High School Transcript:
  • Foreign Language Certificate:
  • Acadamic Electives:
  • Financial Aid
  • Personal Essay:

March (Please Verify)
At least 1
Yes (certificate of 4 years)
Social science and foreign language
Tell about Yourself, your values and goals.

Programs at Quinnipiac University

Programs that Quinnipiac university offers are following.

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business and Engineering
  • School of Communication
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Education

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