Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Dubai

part time jobs in dubai

Dubai is the home of many professions and people from different countries live here. You will find diverse culture in Dubai. People who live there just for job purposes wanted to earn more money for their families. Their purpose of living in Dubai far from their homes is to earn money. Besides Part time jobs you can also find the how to earn money from data entry jobs.

Except for the traditional jobs, you can earn money by doing part time jobs also. There are many students living in Dubai need to do part time jobs in order to meet expenses. Here you will read about the  top 10 part time jobs in Dubai which you can continue with your full time job. Moreover, you get more abilities and experience from these part time jobs.

So the 10 Part time Jobs that you can do in Dubai are

  • 1. Translator
  • 2. Tutor Jobs
  • 3. Salesman and other Staff in Shopping Malls
  • 4. Tour Guide
  • 5. Airbnb Host
  • 6. Gardener
  • 7. Online Jobs
  • 8. Call Center jobs
  • 9. Beauty Salon
  • 10. Driving Job

1. Translator

Dubai is the home of high paying jobs. People from all over the world came and settled here. So, you will find a diversity of culture in Dubai. When people come here, the most common problem they face is a language problem. The demand of translators is high in Dubai. You can easily find a part time job of translator in Dubai. Many companies hire translators for this job. They need to assist their client’s. You need good English communication skills for this purpose. The job of translator is 100 % legal if you continue it as a part time.

  • The average salary of translator for full time job varies between 8000 to 9000 AED.
  • However, if you want to do translator job as a part time job, then you also can continue this part time job on hourly basis.
  • According to PayScale, the  average hourly salary for translator job is 125 AED.

Not only English translator jobs are available in Dubai, but other languages too like French, Arabic, Greek, German, Chinese etc.

2. Tutor Jobs

In Dubai, Education sector is the most expensive sector. As Dubai is the home of different cultures and background and people from all over the world came here and do job and business in Dubai, so to get a  job as a home tutor is very easy in Dubai.

Home tuition is one of the best part time job in Dubai and it is a highly paid job in Dubai due to expensive education in Dubai. English teacher’s job is always open for Dubai living people. Teaching jobs as a part time job is the best option for you If you have knowledge and communication skills.

  • Teaching jobs are always in demand in Dubai and always offered high salaries to the tutors.
  • According to Gooverseas  , the average salary of ESL teachers in Language school is 12,300 to 20,400 AED.  Now you can easily guess bout the earning from home tuition also.

3. Salesman and other Staff in Shopping Malls

Dubai is just synonymous with shopping. It is the home of many shopping malls and these shopping malls are just luxurious for everyone. The national and international customers are attracted to the word tax-free and come here for shopping. Visitors in Dubai cannot go back without shopping from Dubai’s luxurious and grand shopping malls. Not just for shopping, the staff is also needed in hotels and restaurants like chef, managers and others.

  • The largest shopping malls in Dubai have cinemas, hotels, cafes, restaurants, play lands and entertainment areas in them.
  • To maintain the smooth working of these shopping malls, there is always a need of a salesman and other staff for shopping malls.
  • You can easily manage to do part time job in malls due to its shift working. For long hours of working, staff work there in shifts like morning and evening.
  • According to PayScale , the average hourly salary of a salesman is 31 AED.

4. Tour Guide

Dubai has recently gained popularity in the tourism industry. We included the Tour Guide in the top 10 best part time jobs in Dubai because the tour Guide earn much while visiting the nature. People from all over the world come to visit this country. In visiting season, tour guides earn the most. Dubai is famous for its nightlife scenes, ultra-modern architecture, luxury shopping malls which attracts the tourist from all over the world.

Burj Khalifa,  which is 830 meters tall tower is always an attraction for tourists. After Bangkok, Paris and London, Dubai comes at 4th most visited countries. Approximately, 15.8 million people visited Dubai in 2017.

  • You can continue the tour guide job with your routine job and you can earn more for your lavishing life style.
  • You just have to get the knowledge about the famous tourist places, hotels and restaurants near these places and discounts if any to guide your tourists.
  • You also need to know the history  behind those famous places so the tourists become more interested to know and maybe they will hire you for all their destinations.
  • According to PayScale the average hourly salary of a tour guide is 98 AED.

5. Airbnb Host

You can earn money by becoming a Airbnb host by just freeing a little space in your house. Dubai is the 4th most visited countries in terms of tourism and people from all over the world come here to visit. People are always in search of cheap accommodation so that they can save money.

  • If you have a well furnished house and you have space in your house, then you can rent out your house to the tourist and earn money.
  • You just need to build a verified and attractive profile in social media and people will contact you.
  • According to the priceonomics, the airbnb hosts are earning $900 plus in a month

Airbnb is basically a market trusted place where people search for homes or rooms to spend their night. So becoming a Airbnb host is a good option for you.

6. Gardener

Gardening jobs are gaining importance in Dubai as Dubai is growing fast in terms of technology and infrastructure. Dubai has changed its look from that desert dunes to green infrastructure. There are many jobs of gardening available in Dubai which you can do as your part time job.

  • There are many housing societies who need someone to care their plants so they hire gardeners for this job.
  • You can also get a job in villas for lawn maintenance.
  • According to SalaryExpert, the average hourly salary of the gardener is 42 AED.

7. Online Jobs

You can also earn money by working online. It is a good way to earn money as a part time job. There are many types of jobs that you can do by staying in your home.

  • You can be a virtual assistant, data entry clerk, content writer, web development, video editing, photography, proofreading, editing, blogging and many more.
  • There are many online platforms where you can earn money like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Elancer and others.
  • You can also create your own YouTube channel and earn a good monthly income.
  • If you have experience in marketing, then you can sell online products and gain profit from them. You just need to sign up on Amazon and then sell the products. Amazon gives you profit on selling products.
  • There is no limitation in earning money through online websites because you can earn as much money as you want.
  • You just need to be determined and focused in order to do online working.

8. Call Center jobs

The job of call center comes in top 10 best part time jobs in Dubai. There are many companies who need to hire people in order to respond their customers. A call center representatives are the ones, you speak with whenever you need any product, need information from the bank about your account or any kind of reservations.

  • Call center jobs are best option for part time job as companies hire for 5 to 6 hours durations.
  • You just need a good English language and Arabic language communication skills to do this job.
  • According to PayScale, the average hourly  salary of a call center agent is 27 AED.

9. Beauty Salon

This era is advancing  in fashion, dresses and look. Everyone just wants to look perfect. In recent few years, the business of beauty salons is on top of the list.  Boys or girls whatever, all now go to beauty salons to look better and for grooming oneself.

  • In this era, whether its bride or groom both go to salons and but their complete services in terms of facial, haircut and cleansing.
  • Dubai is the home of many cultures, so beauty salon business is on top of the list in Dubai.
  • The beauty salon services are the most expensive one in Dubai. You can adopt it as a part time job in your free time. If you have the skills of beautician then you can earn a big amount of your income.
  • You don’t need to run your beauty salon.If you can’t run your own beauty salon then you can join beauty salon  and do the job as a beautician.
  • According to the Indeed , the average monthly salary of a beautician is from 2800 to 3000 AED.

10. Driving Job

If you are looking for a part time job to earn extra money then driving job option is also available for you. If you are a good driver then you can do a job as a driver in many places like in travel agency, tour company, for businessman, personal driver or as a truck driver.

  • You need a driving license to do this job and you can earn reasonable extra income every month.
  • You can also become a part time delivery boy in a restaurant.
  • According to the PayScale, the average hourly salary of a delivery driver is 12 AED.

So these are the top 10 part time jobs that you can find in Dubai. Chances are always available. What you need is just to be self determined to do something. To spend your life on luxuries, you have to work hard as it is said,
Hard work is the key to success’’. Nothing is impossible in the world, you just have to try and put efforts in that thing.  If you will do part time job, it will help you to spend more money for your family, friend, travel and shopping. Do it and get it.

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