Top 12 Law Schools in Florida

law schools in Florida

Why Law degree?

Law degree requires deep understanding but sharpen your mind and deep experience on different life problems. It takes time to become a successful lawyer because a deep understanding and strong decision-taking ability must be there to become a successful lawyer.

Just take an example of a child. A child takes time to learn and understand communication skills not just vocabulary, but grammar, intonation and structure of language. Same is the law. You need to be skilled in communication so that you will be able to understand your point of view to others.

A law degree develops a great confidence in your personality. Law degree enhances your thinking ability. You just think the simplest words to explain the difficult situation to others. It teaches you the ability to deal with different clients. This degree trains you to talk effectively.

Almost in every field, a law consultant is necessary to handle law problems. Even a car driver needs assistant of lawyer if he gets involved in accident to save himself. Also a businessman  needs a lawyer to handle the property matters.

If you are going to get admitted to law school and have no idea about Law Schools in Florida then you need not to worry about because here is a list of Law Schools in Florida.

  • 1. University of Florida Levin College of Law (Gainesville)
  • 2. Florida State University College of Law (Tallahassee, FL)
  • 3. University of Miami School of Law
  • 4. Florida International University College of law (Miami, FL)
  • 5. Stetson University College of Law (Gulfport, FL)
  • 6. Ave Maria Law School
  • 7. Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law
  • 8. Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University College of Law
  • 9. Florida Coastal School of Law
  • 10. Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law
  • 11. Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School, Tampa Bay Campus
  • 12. St. Thomas University School of Law

1. University of Florida Levin College of Law (Gainesville)

University of Florida Levin College of Law is founded in 1909 and considered as one of the best law school in Florida. It provides an enthusiastic, professional and diverse environment to the students.  University of Florida provides students an environment where they can learn the highest level of legal practice.

University of Florida Levin College of law gives students different opportunities  to participate in different clinical work within the campus and summer Internships. Also, it allows students to get enrolled to study in abroad and students can spend their summer in another city of their choice.

 The following programs are offered at this university.

i) Juris Doctor

Juris Doctor is a 3 years program in which students are taught communication skills,  practical knowledge, codes and ethics and cognitive thinking.

ii) L.L.M in U.S Law

This program is designed for non U.S law schools who wants to gain knowledge about laws and legal system of America.

iii) L.L.M in Taxation

This program offers students a one year thorough study for Masters of law (L.L.M) in Taxation. The classes held at day time. If you have any query about Admissions then you may call at (352) 273-0804

2. Florida State University College of Law (Tallahassee, FL)

This college is located in the heart of Downtown, Tallahassee. According to the ‘’Business Insider and U.S. News & World Report’’,  The Florida State University College of law is recognized as the nation’s top Law schools.

Business law, environmental law and international law are its special programs.  During  the first year, the curriculum of Florida State University provides the foundation of philosophy, law, doctrine, history and all the analytical methods that they need to excel in their career.

In the 2nd and 3rd year, the university offers a wide range of specialized courses and field experience. This college also offers an L.L.M in Business Law, an L.L.M in Environmental law and Policy and an L.L.M in American Law for Foreign Lawyers and a one year Juris Master program for college graduates.

If you want to get any information related to admission, then you may call at Admissions Office: 850-644-3787

3. University of Miami School of Law

 The law school of Miami has a campus of 230-acres.This law school enables its students for the creative skills and creativity to be competitive  in the field of law. The curriculum of this law school is challenging in the terms of legal research and writing. Thinking ability, professional skills training, promotes justice, codes and ethics of the life and other activities.

This law school has following programs:-

i) Juris Doctor

The Miami Law school offers a full time program in its first year, which is a combination of both curriculum and professional training in lawyering skills. This program gives the chances to the students to explore political, social and cultural dimensions of legal institutions.

The first-year program of law school is different in terms of class-size, electives and courses. This course is taught in small sections and in the  spring  and an elective is available.

In its 2nd and 3rd year students are taught broad-based legal educations. They have an option to choose their areas of interest. Seminars, workshops and courses are offered.

4. Florida International University College of law  (Miami, FL)

This university  college of law is established in 2001 and it has the honor of South Florida’s only public Law School. This law school is committed to students to make them able  to develop problem solving skills to be ready to enter in their career and profession.

Due to its high-level curriculum  and practical skills, students are taught developmental, critical, analytical, writing and reading research in their first year. When students are promoted in 2nd and 3rd year,  they are free to explore a wide range of subject areas.

Many experimental, academical, international programs are there that are listed below:-

  • Moot Court
  • Academic Excellence Program
  • Environmental and Natural Resources International Law
  • Intellectual Property Certificate
  • Joint Degree
  • Law  review
  • Trail advocacy
  • International Student Exchange
  • International and Graduate studies

5. Stetson University College of Law (Gulfport, FL)

According to the U.S. News Stetson University College of Law,  the college is ranked #1 in Trial Advocacy and ranked #3 in Legal Writing Education. It is founded in 1900 as Florida’s first law school. This college prepares the students as a professional, skilled and ethical lawyer and leaders. To choose Stetson University  College law is really benefited because every year, more than 400 Externships opportunities are given to students across Tampa bay, Florida.

Students can take admission in J.D, Program in both morning and evening shifts. An Evening program is specially designed for those who are busy and doing any job at daytime. If you get admission in evening program you have to spend 4 years to earn a  law degree.

6. Ave Maria Law School

The Ave Maria Law School is founded in 1999. This school is fully accredited by the American Bar Association. The curriculum is designed in such a way that graduates will be well prepared to practice law in any jurisdiction or career. Every year the Ave Maria Law School awarded $3.7 million scholarships to students.

 The Ave Maria Law School also offers a Certified Legal Internship (CLI) to students. Students who choose this internship, participate in field work. They have to attend the court session also. They handle all types of cases and responsibilities of a lawyer regarding client, victim, witness interviewing, fact investigation, taking and defending the decision, writing a general report and handling hearings.

If you have any query about related to admissions then you can email at

7. Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law

Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law is the first American law school to be a part of  the university founded by religious women. This law school offers legal education with religious dimensions so that the justice and ethics of life are a priority. This school gives importance to ethics of life and code and conduct of life. This school teaches students ethical, personal, intellectual, spiritual, ecological and social responsibilities.

Juris Doctor Program

Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law offers Juris Doctor Degree. The curriculum of this school offers both traditional and innovative learning to enhance analytical ability, thinking , communication skills, understanding codes of life and professional responsibilities.

If you have any query about related to admissions then you can email at

8. Florida Agriculture and Mechanical  University College of Law

Florida Agriculture and Mechanical  University College of Law is founded in 1949 and its first class started in 1951. The mission of his college is to become a ray of hope for justice and  a ray of hope for public. This school provides students excellent educational and traditional training and responsibilities. This law school has a  mission to educate the people without discrimination of any racial, national and ethnic groups.

This college has some core values like

  • Excellence with caring
  • Scholarship, and service
  • Distinction in teaching
  • Experiential Learning
  • Professionalism
  • Diversity

If you have any query about related to admissions then you can email at

9. Florida Coastal School of Law

 Florida Coastal school of law is founded in 1996 and ABA- accredited institution. Florida Coastal School of Law is fully accredited with  the  American Bar Association Council of Section of Legal Education and Admissions. According to ‘’The National Jurist Magazine’’  this school is known as the best law school due to its practical training.

Florida Coastal School of law designed following courses.

  • J.D. Degree Full Time Day
  • J.D. Degree Part Time Day
  • Accelerated 2 year J.D. Program
  • Dual Degrees  (JD/MPP JD/MBA)

This school also offers certified programs in different fields and students can choose according to their choice. This certified programs groom the skills of the students and also plays  an important part in their career. Following are the certified programs offered by the law school.

  • Civil Practice Advocacy
  • Criminal Practice Advocacy
  • Family Law Advocacy
  • Social Justice Advocacy

If you have any query regarding admission you may call at Phone: (904) 680-7700

10. Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law

Innovative teaching and highly practical curriculum differentiate Shepard Board College of law among others.  This school not only rewards the students with a  degree but real spirit and law practice also given to students. The mission of this law college is to knowledge, skills, analytical thinking and professionalism so that they will deal  with their clients in a professional way. The  core values of this law college are listed below

  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Respect for the law
  • Education for all
  • Excellence in teaching
  • Services to community
  • Leadership

This law school offers the  following programs to the students:

  • J.D. Full Time program
  • J.D. Part Time Program
  • J.D. Concentrations
  • Foreign Lawyers Accelerated J.D.
  • Dual Degrees
  • L.L.M. for Attorneys
  • Masters of science
  • Paralegal Certificate
  • BS in Paralegal Studies

You  may call at  800-541-6682  for further information.

11. Western Michigan University,  Cooley Law School, Tampa Bay Campus

This school is located at 9445 Camden field pkwy, Riverview, Florida.This is a private, independent, non-profit law school. This school was founded in 1972 by Hon. Thomas E. Brennan and other lawyers and judges. Now this school is the seventh largest law school in the nation.

This school teaches its students a legal education from all the areas of the life. This school feels proud due to its diversity of national and international student body. This law school offers admission 3 times a year to new students in January, May and September.

J.D. Concentration

Students are given the  choice to concentrate in a specific field of practice.

  • Administrative Law
  • Business Transactions
  • Litigation’
  • Focused Studies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Canadian Law Practice
  • Environmental Law
  • L.L.M. Program

L.L.M. Program at this law school offers both theory and practical. Most L.L.M. Degrees are completely online. The online classes are attractive. Classes are conducted on weeknights and weekends.

You may call further for your query at (517) 371-5140

12. St. Thomas University School of Law

St. Thomas University school of law is founded in 1984 and accredited by the American Bar Association. This school is part of catholic university that is why ethics  and values matters a lot for it. This school trains students to become a successful lawyer and it provides complete knowledge and practice of law. This school offers Externships, internships and scholarships to its students so they can further study and practice law.

The school offers J.D Degree and also additional joint-degree programs like Marriage and Family Counseling, Business administration, Sports Administration and Accounting. This school also offer 3 year BA/JD degree. This school also has its popular Summer-in-Spain program for students.For further information you may call at 305-623-2310

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