Where is Cambridge University [Address, Logo, Alumni]

where is Cambridge university

Cambridge University is the second oldest university in England and world’s fourth oldest university as it is founded in 1209. This university also has huge financial funds that include £1.9Billion and £515.5 million assign for research grants. Cambridge University also helps needy students who do not afford their fee. This year Cambridge University and its colleges allocate the £6.4 billion for endowment funds.
To know the answers of “where is Cambridge University” following is the answer.

Address of Cambridge University

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
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Latitude Longitude of Cambridge
52.2043° N, 0.1149° E

Logo of Cambridge University

Cambridge university log
Cambridge’s logo

Some of the notable alumni of Cambridge University are:

  • Stephen Fry (comedian and actor)
  • Lord Byron (English poet)
  • Zadie Smith (Author)
  • Lord Byron (English poet and politician who became a revolutionary in the Greek War of Independence)
  • Rahul Gandhi (Indian politician who was the President of the Indian National Congress)



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